Church of Santo Adriano de Tuñón

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Saint Adrian of Tuñón
Santo Adriano de Tuñón(Spanish)
Santo adriano de Tuñon.jpg
Basic information
Location Santo Adriano, Spain
Geographic coordinates 43°17′29.9″N 5°58′49.9″W / 43.291639°N 5.980528°W / 43.291639; -5.980528Coordinates: 43°17′29.9″N 5°58′49.9″W / 43.291639°N 5.980528°W / 43.291639; -5.980528
Affiliation Roman Catholic
Province Asturias
Country Spain
Year consecrated 891
Ecclesiastical or organizational status Church
Architectural description
Architectural type Church
Architectural style Pre-Romanesque
Length 14 metres (46 ft)
Width 10 metres (33 ft) [1]

The Church of Santo Adriano de Tuñón (Spanish: Iglesia de Santo Adriano de Tuñón) is a Roman Catholic Pre-Romanesque church in the village of Tuñón, Asturias, Spain dedicated to Saint Adrian.

The church is located on the bank of the River Trubia, next to an old Roman road. Founded on January 24, 891, by Alfonso III of Asturias and his wife Jimena of Navarra as a monastery church, it went through large transformations at the beginnings of the 12th century. It was declared a Spanish national monument in June 1931.


The church stands on a classic basilica ground plan, although in the 17th and 18th centuries it was extended with a nave structure at the western end, and a bell gable. The fresco paintings in this church are the only remains of Mozarabic painters' work in an Asturian art workshop.



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