Church of St. George, Staro Nagoričane

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Church of St. George, Staro Nagoričane
Црква „Св. Великомаченик Георгиј“
Coordinates: 42°11′54″N 21°49′43″E / 42.19833°N 21.82861°E / 42.19833; 21.82861
Location Kumanovo, Staro Nagoričane
Country Macedonia
Denomination Macedonian Orthodoxy
Founded 1071
Founder(s) Stefan Uroš II Milutin of Serbia
Dedication St. George
Associated people Stefan Uroš II Milutin of Serbia, Michael Shishman of Bulgaria
Status Church
Functional status Active
Style Vardar style, and Serbo-Byzantine
Completed 1071 Reconstruction 1313-1318
Number of domes 5
Materials Brick
Diocese Diocese of Polog and Kumanovo
Province Kumanovo

The Church of St. George (Macedonian: Црква „Св. Великомаченик Георгиј“, Crkva "Sv. Velikomačenik Georgij"; Serbian: Црква Светог Ђорђа or Crkva Svetog Đorđa) is a Macedonian Orthodox church[1] in the village of Staro Nagoričane, near Kumanovo in the Republic of Macedonia. It is noteworthy both for its architecture and its frescoes. It is considered a key example of Christian heritage in this area.[2]

The church was first constructed in 1071, and reconstructed between 1313 and 1318 by the Serbian king Stefan Milutin. During this reconstruction period, the church's walls were painted with frescoes by Michael Astrapas and Eutychios, among which are depictions of Stefan Milutin and his queen, Simonida. The Bulgarian emperor, Michael Shishman, was buried in the wall of this church after he died at battle of Velbazhd, against Serbian king Stefan Urosh III Dechanski in 1330.

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