Church of St John the Baptist, Axbridge

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Church of St John the Baptist
Church of St John the Baptist, Axbridge is located in Somerset
Church of St John the Baptist, Axbridge
Location within Somerset
General information
Town or city Axbridge
Country England
Coordinates 51°17′16″N 2°49′00″W / 51.2877°N 2.8166°W / 51.2877; -2.8166
Completed 13th century

The Church of St John the Baptist in Axbridge, Somerset, England was built in the 13th century and has been designated as a grade I listed building.[1]

Work on the current building began in the early 15th century, and grew from an earlier building dating back to about 1230. The church is built of limestone and decorated with Doulting stone, while the steps are an interesting example of Dolomitic Conglomerate (pudding stone).[2]

The crossing tower, which was built around 1400,[3] is over 100 feet (30 m) high, and holds six bells, one of which dating from 1723 was made by Edward Bilbie of the Bilbie family.[4] The statue on the east side is that of St John the Baptist. On the west side is a king — perhaps Henry VII, which would place it after 1485. The North aisle ceiling retains some mediaeval painted panels, and amongst the carved bosses is the head of a Green Man, with leaves sprouting around his face.[5] The nave roof is Jacobean and dates from 1636.[2]

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