Church of St Yeghiche, South Kensington

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Coordinates: 51°29′22″N 0°10′40″W / 51.489394°N 0.177845°W / 51.489394; -0.177845

Church of St Yeghiche, South Kensington.jpg

St Yeghiche Armenian Church (Armenian: Սուրբ Եղիշե եկեղեցի) is the largest church of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Great Britain. It is located in Cranley Gardens, Kensington, London. The church was privately built in 1867 as St. Peter's Anglican Church by a local developer, C.J. Freake. It became the parish church of Kensington (St Peter's).[1]

By an Order in Council of December 1972 Saint Peter's was declared redundant with the intention that the building be leased to the Armenian Orthodox Church. Anglican services ceased in January 1973.[1]

The building was purchased by a benefactor in 1998 and restored, with the addition of features required by the Armenian Divine Liturgy. Another Armenian church in Kensington, of the traditional Armenian style, is St Sarkis.


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