Church of the Holy Cross, Nin

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Church of the Holy Cross
Crkva Svetog Križa
Heilig Kreuz Kirche in Nin, Kroatien 2.jpg
LocationCroatia Nin, Croatia
DenominationRoman Catholic
Completed9th century

Church of the Holy Cross (Croatian: Crkva svetog Križa) is a Croatian Pre-Romanesque Catholic church originating from the 9th century in Nin.[1]

According to a theory from an art historian Mladen Pejaković,[2] the design has an intentionally unbalanced elliptical form designated to "follow" the position of the Sun, retaining the functionality of a calendar and sundial.[2] In its beginning, in the time of the Croatian principality, it was used as a royal chapel of the duke's courtyard nearby.[2]

The church is that of a central type, it features the Croatian interlace (or simply "troplet") and a carved name of the Croatian župan "Godečaj".[2][3]

The church is known under the moniker of "the smallest cathedral in the world",[1][4][5] but it does not actually contain the seat of a bishop of Nin today.

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Coordinates: 44°14′35″N 15°11′04″E / 44.24306°N 15.18444°E / 44.24306; 15.18444