Church of the Holy Family, Kaliningrad

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Church of the Holy Family
Kaliningrad philharmonic.jpg
Catholic Church of the Holy Family in Kaliningrad.
54°41′52.39″N 20°30′36.05″E / 54.6978861°N 20.5100139°E / 54.6978861; 20.5100139Coordinates: 54°41′52.39″N 20°30′36.05″E / 54.6978861°N 20.5100139°E / 54.6978861; 20.5100139
Location Kaliningrad
Country Russia
Denomination Roman Catholic

The Church of the Holy Family (Russian: Кирха Святого Семейства; German: Kirche zur Heiligen Familie) is a neogothic brick church in Kaliningrad. It was built in the Haberberg city district of Königsberg, near the Pregel river, between 1904 and 1907. The Kaliningrad authorities have refused to return the church to the Catholic community.

Architecture and use[edit]

The church was designed by architect Friedrich Heitmann (de) and was built for the Catholic immigrants that were coming to Königsberg. The church remained largely unharmed during World War II. It was used by the Red Army as a lazaret immediately after the war, and then as a fertilizer depot. In the beginning of the 1980s the church was restored a little, and began to function as the concert hall of the Kaliningrad Philharmonic. This made possible the installation of a new organ, which with its 44 registers and 3,600 pipes became a favourite of even the best organists of the Saint Petersburg music academy. The clock of the Kreuzkirche was placed in the tower.

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