Church of the Holy Family (New Rochelle, New York)

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Church of the Holy Family
40°55′26.7″N 73°47′28″W / 40.924083°N 73.79111°W / 40.924083; -73.79111Coordinates: 40°55′26.7″N 73°47′28″W / 40.924083°N 73.79111°W / 40.924083; -73.79111
Location83 Clove Road,
New Rochelle, New York
DenominationRoman Catholic
WebsiteHoly Family Church
DedicationHoly Family
ArchdioceseArchdiocese of New York

The Church of the Holy Family is a Roman Catholic parish located in New Rochelle, New York. Founded in 1913, the Church of the Holy Family has undergone expansion and re-construction of its physical church over the years. The church is ethnically and linguistically diverse, reflecting the demographics of its surrounding area, as it draws considerable numbers of Caribbean, Southeast Asian, African, and Italian parishioners. As of 2013, the church served around 1,200 families and educated 380 children in grades four through seven in religious education programs.[1]


The Church of the Holy Family was founded in 1913 as an independent parish in response to overcrowding at St. Gabriel's Church and a growing Catholic population of Irish and Germans in the North End of New Rochelle, which was then predominantly farmland. At the time of its establishment, the church had no dedicated physical structure. The inaugural pastor, Fr. Andrew Roche, celebrated mass in a former butcher shop and lived at the College of New Rochelle, traveling back and forth by foot.

In 1915, construction on a dedicated church building began and was completed by 1916. The church was dedicated in 1917. The first mass celebrated in the new building was a midnight Christmas mass, as prior to that, masses were being held in the basement of the building under construction.

The Holy Family School was opened in 1921 for first and second grade students in the basement of the church, with pews used to form a makeshift classroom. Students were taught by Dominican Sisters. A purpose-built school was opened in 1922 above the church with eight classrooms and was gradually expanded as enrollment increased. The 1970s saw the Holy Family School reach its highest enrollment of approximately 900 students. Thereafter, student enrollment declined and the school was closed in 2005.[1]


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