Churches of Moldavia

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Churches of Moldavia
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Map of monasteries in Suceava County.jpg
Map of the most important northeastern Moldavian monasteries
LocationSuceava County, Romania
CriteriaCultural: (i), (iv)
Inscription1993 (17th session)
Coordinates47°46′42″N 25°42′46″E / 47.77833°N 25.71278°E / 47.77833; 25.71278Coordinates: 47°46′42″N 25°42′46″E / 47.77833°N 25.71278°E / 47.77833; 25.71278
Churches of Moldavia is located in Romania
Churches of Moldavia
Location of Churches of Moldavia in Romania

The eight Romanian Orthodox Churches of Moldavia are located in Suceava County, northern Moldavia, and were built approximately between 1487 and 1583.

Since 1993, they have been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Church of the Resurrection within the Sucevița Monastery was added to the site in 2010.

World Heritage Site[edit]

Image Name Location Built Founder
Biserica Arbore13.jpg Beheading of St. John the Baptist Church Arbore 1502 Luca Arbore
Biserica Manastirii Humorului si Turnul lui Vasile Lupu.jpg Dormition of the Mother of God Church Mănăstirea Humorului 1530 Toader Bubuiog
Manastirea Moldovita, vedere laterala.jpg Annunciation Church Vatra Moldoviței 1532 Petru Rareș
Biserica Inaltarea Sf. Cruci din Patrauti12.jpg Exaltation of the Holy Cross Church Pătrăuți 1487 Ștefan cel Mare
BisericaSfNicolaeProbota 02.JPG St. Nicholas Church Probota 1530 Petru Rareș
Mănăstirea Sfântul Ioan cel Nou.jpg St. George Church Suceava 1522 Bogdan III
Voronet, Manastirea.jpg St. George Church Voroneț 1488 Ștefan cel Mare
Biserica si curtea manastirii Sucevita.jpg Resurrection Church Sucevița 1581 Gheorghe Movilă


Location of World Heritage Churches of Moldavia.

Other churches[edit]

Name Location Built Founder
Agapia Monastery Agapia, Neamț County 1643 Gavriil Coci
Bogdana Monastery Rădăuți, Suceava County 1360 Bogdan I
Cetățuia Monastery Iași, Iași County 1672 Gheorghe Duca
Dragomirna Monastery Mitocu Dragomirnei, Suceava County 1609 Anastasie Crimca
Galata Monastery Iași, Iași County 1584 Petru Șchiopul
Golia Monastery Iași, Iași County 1660 Ioan Golia
Neamț Monastery Vânători-Neamț, Neamț County 1497 Ștefan cel Mare
Putna Monastery Putna, Suceava County 1466 Ștefan cel Mare
Trei Ierarhi Monastery Iași, Iași County 1639 Vasile Lupu
Văratec Monastery Văratec, Neamț County 1785 Olimpiada

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