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Of the churches of the Swedish island of Gotland, 93 – the vast majority – are medieval. 92 of these are located on the countryside,[1] with only Visby Cathedral remaining within the city wall of Visby, the main town of the island. However, during the Middle Ages, the number of churches was even larger, with at least 12 churches in Visby and an additional large number in the countryside. Some of these are still visible as more or less well-preserved ruins. For further information about these ruined churches, see list of church ruins on Gotland.[2]

Anga Church
Garde Church
Rone Church
The development of church architecture on Gotland. Top: Anga, an unaltered Romanesque church. Middle: Garde; rebuilding started but not finished. Bottom: rebuilding complete at Rone, finished c. 1300


Gotland began to gradually abandon Norse religion and adopt Christianity during the 11th century.[3] The first churches to be built on Gotland were wooden, built in the manner of stave churches.[1] None of these have survived intact. The most well-preserved remains, today in the Swedish History Museum, are those of Hemse stave church.[2] Traces and archaeological evidence of earlier stave churches have been discovered in ten different sites on Gotland.[3] The remains point to an artistic decoration reminiscent of Viking art.[4]

Stone churches began to replace wooden churches during the 12th century.[1] These churches were Romanesque in style, with influences coming mainly from Denmark and western German architecture,[2] but to a limited extent also from the Byzantine Empire.[4] Importantly, the construction of Lund Cathedral in Scania established a source of influences in the relative vicinity. Likewise, the 1164 establishment of the Cistercian monastery of Roma Abbey on Gotland led to strong Cistercian influences in the following period of church construction. These Romanesque churches were sometimes decorated internally with frescos. Here also, the influences came most often from the west and south, but sometimes also from Russia. Similarly, the churches were adorned with stone sculpture, notably decorated baptismal fonts. Here, too, influences came from both the west and the east,[2] but the sculptors themselves seem to have been native Gotlanders.[4] Finally, such churches also occasionally display wooden sculptures, such as triumphal crosses. These display a more markedly uniform western style, with influences coming from France or western Germany.[2]

During the Gothic era, the church portals were often decorated with sculptures, such as these at Martebo Church

During the 13th century, reconstruction works were started on several of these earlier churches. New churches were also commissioned. Gotland was enjoying a period of prosperity thanks to increasing trade, and, possibly, due to its role as a staging area for crusaders departing for the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea.[3] The churches were made larger and more elaborate. The style began to shift in favour of the Gothic, although few churches on Gotland display a pronounced Gothic style. The most elaborate parts of these churches are often the portals, notably the main southern portals.[2] The towers of these churches are also taller and more elaborate than earlier towers (which were often designed with a dual, defensive purpose). Another typical feature is the square choir that lacks an apse and instead has a straight eastern wall with three windows.[4] Internally, frescos and wooden sculpture continued to enjoy popularity, as well as occasionally stained glass windows. Artistic influences came via Visby from mainly western Germany. At the end of this period, Gotland entered a period of economic decline. Following the Black Death, the invasion of Gotland by Valdemar IV of Denmark and the Battle of Visby (1361), and a general decrease in trade, many churches were left unfinished. Hence, several churches on Gotland display a peculiar form, where the choir is in Gothic style and disproportionally large in comparison with the rest of the otherwise Romanesque church. In such cases, reconstruction of the church had started with the choir but was brought to a halt before the whole reconstruction scheme could be finished.[2]

From about 1400, no new churches were erected and the general religious building activity decreases sharply. Internally, some churches receive further embellishment in the form of new altarpieces or frescos during the 15th and 16th century. Following the Reformation, a new type of altarpieces and pulpits were introduced.[2] These post-Reformation furnishings from the 17th and 18th centuries are also well represented in the churches of Gotland.[1]

The church building activity on Gotland thus took place in the period of approximately 250 years, from c. 1100 to 1350. Until the early 13th century, the pace of church building was comparable to the rest of Scandinavia. From then on, both the number and size of new churches increased significantly, until building activity came to a complete halt at the end of the Middle Ages.[3]

Only a few of the church buildings on Gotland have been significantly altered since the end of the Middle Ages,[1] which is unusual in a European context, since medieval churches were often heavily reconstructed or renovated during the 19th century. The medieval parish churches of Gotland comprise the most well-preserved set of such churches in Sweden,[3] and indeed in the whole Baltic region.[5]

During the 20th century, a small number of new churches have been built, notably in Visby.

The vast majority of the churches on Gotland belongs to the Lutheran Church of Sweden, and the Diocese of Visby.

The churches[edit]

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Note: Unless specified otherwise, the churches on Gotland are named after their locality, i.e. Kräklingbo Church is to be found in Kräklingbo settlement.


Name Main construction period Coordinates Image Notes References
Akebäck Church 1149 57°32′50″N 18°23′32″E / 57.54722°N 18.39222°E / 57.54722; 18.39222 (Akebäck Church) Akebaecks-kyrka-Gotland-N.jpg [6]
Ala Church 12th to mid-13th century 57°25′08″N 18°38′07″E / 57.41889°N 18.63528°E / 57.41889; 18.63528 (Ala Church) Ala kyrka view02.jpg [7]
Alskog Church 13th century to circa 1300 57°19′53″N 18°37′37″E / 57.33139°N 18.62694°E / 57.33139; 18.62694 (Alskog Church) Alskogs-kyrka-Gotland-total1.jpg [2]
Alva Church 12th century 57°12′27″N 18°21′41″E / 57.20750°N 18.36139°E / 57.20750; 18.36139 (Alva Church) Gotland-Alva-Kirche 01.jpg [8]
Anga Church 13th century 57°28′49″N 18°42′23″E / 57.48028°N 18.70639°E / 57.48028; 18.70639 (Anga Church) Igrexa de Anga.jpg [3]
Ardre Church c. 1200 to c. 1250 57°22′46″N 18°41′48″E / 57.37944°N 18.69667°E / 57.37944; 18.69667 (Ardre Church) Ardre-kyrka-Gotland-torn1.jpg [2]
Atlingbo Church 13th century 57°28′47″N 18°23′26″E / 57.47972°N 18.39056°E / 57.47972; 18.39056 (Atlingbo Church) Atlingbo kyrka Gotland Sverige (2).jpg [9]


Name Main construction period Coordinates Image Notes References
Barlingbo Church c. 1225 to c. 1280 57°33′52″N 18°27′47″E / 57.56444°N 18.46306°E / 57.56444; 18.46306 (Barlingbo Church) Igrexa de Barlingbo.jpg [2]
Björke Church Mid-13th century to mid-14th century 57°30′26″N 18°25′16″E / 57.50722°N 18.42111°E / 57.50722; 18.42111 (Björke Church) Bjorke kyrka Gotland Sverige 2.jpg [10]
Boge Church 13th century 57°41′13″N 18°45′46″E / 57.68694°N 18.76278°E / 57.68694; 18.76278 (Boge Church) Boge kyrka 02.JPG
Bro Church c. 1240 to c. 1300 57°40′12″N 18°28′29″E / 57.67000°N 18.47472°E / 57.67000; 18.47472 (Bro Church) Gotland-Bro-kyrka 01.jpg [3]
Bunge Church Early 14th century 57°51′13″N 19°01′24″E / 57.85361°N 19.02333°E / 57.85361; 19.02333 (Bunge Church) Bunge church, 2009-08-11.jpg [3]
Burs Church 13th century 57°14′44″N 18°30′31″E / 57.24556°N 18.50861°E / 57.24556; 18.50861 (Burs Church) Burs-kyrka-Gotland-total1.jpg
Buttle Church 12th century 57°24′09″N 18°31′48″E / 57.40250°N 18.53000°E / 57.40250; 18.53000 (Buttle Church) Buttle kyrka view1.jpg
Bäl Church 13th century 57°38′41″N 18°37′58″E / 57.64472°N 18.63278°E / 57.64472; 18.63278 (Bäl Church) Bals-kyrka-Gotland-2010 11.jpg
Dalhem Church 13th century 57°33′08″N 18°32′02″E / 57.55222°N 18.53389°E / 57.55222; 18.53389 (Dalhem Church) Gotland-Dalhems-kyrka 02.jpg Heavily restored 1899-1914 [3]


Name Main construction period Coordinates Image Notes References
Eke Church 13th century 57°10′04″N 18°22′45″E / 57.16778°N 18.37917°E / 57.16778; 18.37917 (Eke Church) Eke-kyrka-Gotland-total1.jpg
Ekeby Church 13th century 57°35′44″N 18°30′52″E / 57.59556°N 18.51444°E / 57.59556; 18.51444 (Ekeby Church) Gotland-Ekeby kyrka Gesamtansicht perspective.jpg
Eksta Church 13th century 57°17′11″N 18°12′23″E / 57.28639°N 18.20639°E / 57.28639; 18.20639 (Eksta Church) Igrexa de Eksta.jpg
Endre Church 12th century 57°36′36″N 18°27′55″E / 57.61000°N 18.46528°E / 57.61000; 18.46528 (Endre Church) Endre 01.jpg
Eskelhem Church c. 1200 to mid-14th century 57°29′22″N 18°12′35″E / 57.48944°N 18.20972°E / 57.48944; 18.20972 (Eskelhem Church) Eskelhems-kyrka-Gotland-T1.jpg [3]
Etelhem Church 1300 57°20′14″N 18°29′45″E / 57.33722°N 18.49583°E / 57.33722; 18.49583 (Etelhem Church) Etlehems-kyrka-Gotland-total2.jpg
Fardhem Church c. 1170 to c. 1260 57°15′20″N 18°20′29″E / 57.25556°N 18.34139°E / 57.25556; 18.34139 (Fardhem Church) Igrexa de Fardhem.jpg [3]
Fide Church 13th century 57°04′25″N 18°18′58″E / 57.07361°N 18.31611°E / 57.07361; 18.31611 (Fide Church) Fide-kyrka-Gotland-total3.jpg
Fleringe Church 13th century 57°52′10″N 18°52′37″E / 57.86944°N 18.87694°E / 57.86944; 18.87694 (Fleringe Church) Fleringe kyrka.JPG
Fole Church Inaugurated 1280 57°39′02″N 18°32′41″E / 57.65056°N 18.54472°E / 57.65056; 18.54472 (Fole Church) Fole kyrka.JPG


Follingbo Church 13th century 57°34′56″N 18°23′0″E / 57.58222°N 18.38333°E / 57.58222; 18.38333 (Folingbo Church) Follingbo-kyrka-Gotland-Total.jpg
Fröjel Church 12th century to 14th century 57°20′08″N 18°11′23″E / 57.33556°N 18.18972°E / 57.33556; 18.18972 (Fröjel Church) Fröjel kyrka.JPG [4]
Fårö Church 14th century 57°54′56″N 19°08′0″E / 57.91556°N 19.13333°E / 57.91556; 19.13333 (Fårö Church) Gotland-Fårö-kyrka 01.jpg Film-maker Ingmar Bergman is buried in the church cemetery


Name Main construction period Coordinates Image Notes References
Gammelgarn Church 14th century 57°24′16″N 18°48′16″E / 57.40444°N 18.80444°E / 57.40444; 18.80444 (Gammelgarn Church) Gammelgarns kyrka view01.jpg Defensive tower from the 12th century adjacent (pictured) Gammelgarns kyrka kastal01.jpg [4]
Ganthem Church Late 12th century ti mid-13th century 57°30′57″N 18°34′54″E / 57.51583°N 18.58167°E / 57.51583; 18.58167 (Ganthem Church) Ganthems kyrka Gotland Sverige 5.jpg [2]
Garde Church c. 1130 to c. 1310 57°19′01″N 18°34′55″E / 57.31694°N 18.58194°E / 57.31694; 18.58194 (Garde Church) Garda View 01.jpg [3]
Gerum Church c. 1200 to c. 1300 57°17′40″N 18°19′46″E / 57.29444°N 18.32944°E / 57.29444; 18.32944 (Gerum Church) Gerum kyrka Gotland.jpg [11]
Gnisvärd Chapel 1839 57°30′26″N 18°06′44″E / 57.50722°N 18.11222°E / 57.50722; 18.11222 (Gnisvärd Chapel) Gnisvärds kapell (3) Gotland.jpg [12]
Gothem Church 13th to early 14th century 57°34′31″N 18°44′06″E / 57.57528°N 18.73500°E / 57.57528; 18.73500 (Gothem Church) Gotland GothemKirche 13.jpg [3]
Grötlingbo Church First half of the 13th to mid-14th century 57°08′01″N 18°20′47″E / 57.13361°N 18.34639°E / 57.13361; 18.34639 (Grötlingbo Church) Grotlingbo kyrka.JPG [3]
Gotska Sandön Chapel 58°23′19.3″N 19°11′47.5″E / 58.388694°N 19.196528°E / 58.388694; 19.196528 (Gotska Sandön Chapel) Kapellänget, Gotska Sandön-IMG 4913.jpg
Guldrupe Church Late 12th century 57°25′49″N 18°25′35″E / 57.43028°N 18.42639°E / 57.43028; 18.42639 (Guldrupe Church) Guldrupe kyrka Gotland.jpg [13]


Name Main construction period Coordinates Image Notes References
Hablingbo Church Late 12th century to c. 1320 57°11′14″N 18°15′45″E / 57.18722°N 18.26250°E / 57.18722; 18.26250 (Hablingbo Church) Hamlingbo kyrka.JPG [3]
Hall Church Second quarter of the 13th century 57°53′31″N 18°42′57″E / 57.89194°N 18.71583°E / 57.89194; 18.71583 (Hall Church) Igrexa de Hall.jpg [2]
Halla Church c. 1200 to the 14th century 57°30′39″N 18°29′50″E / 57.51083°N 18.49722°E / 57.51083; 18.49722 (Halla Church) Igrexa de Halla.jpg [2]
Hallshuk Chapel 57°55′30″N 18°44′33″E / 57.9250°N 18.7424°E / 57.9250; 18.7424 (Hallshuk Chapel) Hallshuk chapel.jpg
Hamra Church Mid-13th century to early 14th century 56°58′33″N 18°18′48″E / 56.97583°N 18.31333°E / 56.97583; 18.31333 (Hamra Church) Hamra kyrka sydöst.JPG [3]
Hangvar Church 13th century 57°50′21″N 18°41′18″E / 57.83917°N 18.68833°E / 57.83917; 18.68833 (Hangvar Church) Hangvar-kyrka-Gotland-2010 03.jpg [2]
Havdhem Church First half of 12th century to mid-13th century 57°09′45″N 18°19′23″E / 57.16250°N 18.32306°E / 57.16250; 18.32306 (Havdhem Church) Havdhems kyrka, Gotland.jpg [2]
Hejde Church Mid-13th century to mid-14th century 57°24′46″N 18°20′45″E / 57.41278°N 18.34583°E / 57.41278; 18.34583 (Hejde Church) Hejde kyrka Gotland.jpg [14]
Hejdeby Church 13th century 57°37′49″N 18°26′34″E / 57.63028°N 18.44278°E / 57.63028; 18.44278 (Hejdeby Church) Hejdeby-kyrka-Gotland-torn1.jpg [4]
Hejnum Church Early to mid-13th century 57°40′48″N 18°37′55″E / 57.68000°N 18.63194°E / 57.68000; 18.63194 (Hejnum Church) Igrexa de Hejnum.jpg [15]
Hellvi Church 13th century 57°46′30″N 18°53′42″E / 57.77500°N 18.89500°E / 57.77500; 18.89500 (Hellvi Church) Hellvi-kyrka-Gotland-total1.jpg
Hemse Church 13th century 57°13′58″N 18°22′22″E / 57.23278°N 18.37278°E / 57.23278; 18.37278 (Hemse Church) Hemse kyrka.JPG Original location of Hemse stave church
Hogrän Church 13th century 57°30′16″N 18°18′28″E / 57.50444°N 18.30778°E / 57.50444; 18.30778 (Hogrän Church) Hogrän.JPG
Hörsne Church 13th century 57°33′30″N 18°35′50″E / 57.55833°N 18.59722°E / 57.55833; 18.59722 (Hörsne Church) Hoersne-kyrka-Gotland-laanghus1.jpg
Klinte Church 13th century 57°22′42″N 18°13′55″E / 57.37833°N 18.23194°E / 57.37833; 18.23194 (Klinte Church) Klinte kyrka Gotland.jpg
Kovik Chapel 1963 57°24′33″N 18°09′53″E / 57.40917°N 18.16472°E / 57.40917; 18.16472 (Kovik Chapel) Koviks kapell (2) Gotland.jpg
Kräklingbo Church 13th century 57°26′42″N 18°42′40″E / 57.44500°N 18.71111°E / 57.44500; 18.71111 (Kräklingbo Church) Kraklingbo church view01.jpg
Källunge Church 12th to 14th century 57°36′28″N 18°35′04″E / 57.60778°N 18.58444°E / 57.60778; 18.58444 (Källunge Church) Kaellunge-kyrka-Gotland-total2.jpg [3]


Name Main construction period Coordinates Image Notes References
Lau Church Mid-13th century to c. 1300 57°16′58″N 18°37′12″E / 57.28278°N 18.62000°E / 57.28278; 18.62000 (Lau Church) Lau kyrka view01.jpg [3]
Levide Church Late 12th century to mid-13th century 57°16′55″N 18°15′59″E / 57.28194°N 18.26639°E / 57.28194; 18.26639 (Levide Church) Levide kyrka.jpg [2]
Linde Church End of the 12th century to early 13th century 57°16′46″N 18°22′47″E / 57.27944°N 18.37972°E / 57.27944; 18.37972 (Linde Church) Igrexa de Linde.jpg [2]
Lojsta Church 13th century 57°18′46″N 18°23′02″E / 57.31278°N 18.38389°E / 57.31278; 18.38389 (Lojsta Church) Lojsta 004.jpg
Lokrume Church Inaugurated 1277 57°41′16″N 18°32′19″E / 57.68778°N 18.53861°E / 57.68778; 18.53861 (Lokrume Church) Lokrume kyrka, Gotland.jpg [2]
Lummelunda Church 13th century 57°46′11″N 18°27′19″E / 57.76972°N 18.45528°E / 57.76972; 18.45528 (Lummelunda Church) Lummelunda (3).JPG
Lye Church 12th to 14th century 57°17′52″N 18°31′34″E / 57.29778°N 18.52611°E / 57.29778; 18.52611 (Lye Church) Igrexa de Lye.jpg Contains the best-preserved set of medieval stained glass windows in the Nordic countries [3]
Lärbro Church Finished c. 1340 57°47′13″N 18°47′37″E / 57.78694°N 18.79361°E / 57.78694; 18.79361 (Lärbro Church) Gotland-Lärbro kyrka Gesamtansicht.jpg Defensive tower from the 12th century adjacent (pictured) Kastal Lärbro kyrka Gotland.jpg [3]
Martebo Church Mid-13th century to c. 1310 57°44′55″N 18°29′31″E / 57.74861°N 18.49194°E / 57.74861; 18.49194 (Martebo Church) Martebo 001.jpg [3]
Mästerby Church c. 1200 to mid-14th century 57°28′11″N 18°18′14″E / 57.46972°N 18.30389°E / 57.46972; 18.30389 (Mästerby Church) Maesterby-kyrka-Gotland-T1.jpg [3]


Name Main construction period Coordinates Image Notes References
Norrlanda Church 13th century 57°30′05″N 18°39′34″E / 57.50139°N 18.65944°E / 57.50139; 18.65944 (Norrlanda Church) Norrlanda kyrka 1.JPG
När Church 13th century 57°15′26″N 18°37′30″E / 57.25722°N 18.62500°E / 57.25722; 18.62500 (När Church) Naer-kyrka-Gotland-total2.jpg
Näs Church Mid-13th century 57°06′36″N 18°15′44″E / 57.11000°N 18.26222°E / 57.11000; 18.26222 (Näs Church) Näs kyrka Gotland.jpg [2]
Othem Church Mid-13th century 57°44′50″N 18°44′19″E / 57.74722°N 18.73861°E / 57.74722; 18.73861 (Othem Church) Othem church, 2009-08-11.jpg [3]
Pentecostal Church of Visby 1988 57°37′39″N 18°18′09″E / 57.62750°N 18.30250°E / 57.62750; 18.30250 (Pentecostal Church, Visby) Pingstkyrkan Visby (4).jpg Belonging to the Pentecostal Church
Roma Church 13th century 57°31′42″N 18°26′31″E / 57.52833°N 18.44194°E / 57.52833; 18.44194 (Roma Church) Roma kyrka.Gotland.SV.jpg Not to be confused with the ruined Roma Abbey nearby [3]
Rone Church 13th century 57°12′32″N 18°26′28″E / 57.20889°N 18.44111°E / 57.20889; 18.44111 (Rone Church) Rone-kyrka-Gotland-total1.jpg
Rute Church 13th century 57°50′01″N 18°55′24″E / 57.83361°N 18.92333°E / 57.83361; 18.92333 (Rute Church) Rute church, 2009-08-11.jpg


Name Main construction period Coordinates Image Notes References
Sanda Church Mid-13th century to mid-14th century 57°25′45″N 18°13′24″E / 57.42917°N 18.22333°E / 57.42917; 18.22333 (Sanda Church) Sanda kyrka.jpg [16]
Silte Church Mid- to late 13th century 57°13′15″N 18°14′12″E / 57.22083°N 18.23667°E / 57.22083; 18.23667 (Silte Church) Silte kyrka Gotland.JPG [2]
Sjonhem Church 13th century 57°29′08″N 18°31′14″E / 57.48556°N 18.52056°E / 57.48556; 18.52056 (Sjonhem Church) Igrexa de Sjonhem.jpg [16]
Slite Church 1960 57°42′26″N 18°47′45″E / 57.70722°N 18.79583°E / 57.70722; 18.79583 (Slite Church) Slite Kyrka 02.JPG
Sproge Church First half of the 13th century 57°15′13″N 18°12′39″E / 57.25361°N 18.21083°E / 57.25361; 18.21083 (Sproge Church) Sproge-kyrka-Gotland-N1.jpg [2]
Stenkumla Church Early 13th century to early 14th century 57°32′51″N 18°16′06″E / 57.54750°N 18.26833°E / 57.54750; 18.26833 (Stenkumla Church) Gotland-Stenkumla-Kirche 01.jpg [16]
Stenkyrka Church Inaugurated 1255 57°29′28″N 18°31′14″E / 57.49111°N 18.52056°E / 57.49111; 18.52056 (Stenkyrka Church) Stenkyrka kyrka, Gotland 1.jpg [3]
Stånga Church Mid-13th century to mid-14th century 57°16′59″N 18°27′57″E / 57.28306°N 18.46583°E / 57.28306; 18.46583 (Stånga Church) Stånga01.jpg
Sundre Church 13th century 56°56′09″N 18°10′54″E / 56.93583°N 18.18167°E / 56.93583; 18.18167 (Sundre Church) Sundre Kirche.JPG Defensive tower adjacent (pictured) Gotland-Sundre kyrka Kastal.jpg [3]
Terra Nova Church 57°36′48.26″N 18°18′41.47″E / 57.6134056°N 18.3115194°E / 57.6134056; 18.3115194 (Terra Nova Church) Terra Nova kyrkan Visby (1).jpg
Tingstäde Church First half of the 13th to the early 14th century 57°44′10″N 18°36′53″E / 57.73611°N 18.61472°E / 57.73611; 18.61472 (Tingstäde Church) Tingstade kyrka.jpg [3]
Tofta Church 13th century 57°31′17″N 18°10′07″E / 57.52139°N 18.16861°E / 57.52139; 18.16861 (Tofta Church) Tofta-Kyrka-S.jpg
Träkumla Church Inaugurated 1287 57°33′37″N 18°18′46″E / 57.56028°N 18.31278°E / 57.56028; 18.31278 (Träkumla Church) Trakumla kyrka Gotland Sverige 4.jpg [17]


Name Main construction period Coordinates Image Notes References
Vall Church 13th century 57°31′14″N 18°20′42″E / 57.52056°N 18.34500°E / 57.52056; 18.34500 (Vall Church) Valls-kyrka-Gotland-Kor1.jpg [2]
Vallstena Church Early 13th century to c. 1300 57°36′35″N 18°38′12″E / 57.60972°N 18.63667°E / 57.60972; 18.63667 (Vallstena Church) Vallstena kyrka Gotland.jpg [16]
Vamlingbo Church Mid-13th century to c. 1320 56°58′10″N 18°13′49″E / 56.96944°N 18.23028°E / 56.96944; 18.23028 (Vamlingbo Church) Vamlingbo kyrka.jpg [3]
Vibble Chapel 57°36′02.3″N 18°14′59.3″E / 57.600639°N 18.249806°E / 57.600639; 18.249806 (Vibble Chapel) Vibble kapell.jpg
Viklau Church 12th century 57°27′56″N 18°27′23″E / 57.46556°N 18.45639°E / 57.46556; 18.45639 (Viklau Church) Viklau04.jpg One of Sweden's most well-known medieval sculptures, the Viklau Madonna, originally belonged to the church (now in the Swedish History Museum)
Visborg Church 1969 57°37′28″N 18°17′06″E / 57.62444°N 18.28500°E / 57.62444; 18.28500 (Visborg Church) Visborgskyrkan..jpg
Visby Cathedral Inaugurated 1225 57°38′30″N 18°17′51″E / 57.64167°N 18.29750°E / 57.64167; 18.29750 (Visby Cathedral) Visby Sankta Maria Side view01.jpg Officially Visby St. Mary's Cathedral (Swedish: Visby S:ta Maria domkyrka) [18]
Visby Catholic Church 1982 57°38′31″N 18°17′43″E / 57.64194°N 18.29528°E / 57.64194; 18.29528 (Visby Catholic Church) Gotland-Visby Catholic Church 01.jpg Belonging to the Catholic Church; officially the Church of the Body of Christ [19]
Vårdklockan Church 1875 57°38′18″N 18°17′44″E / 57.63833°N 18.29556°E / 57.63833; 18.29556 (Vårdklockan Church) Vårdklockans kyrka Visby Gotland 2.jpg Belonging to the Uniting Church in Sweden [20]
Vänge Church c. 1200 to late 13th century 57°27′07″N 18°30′41″E / 57.45194°N 18.51139°E / 57.45194; 18.51139 (Vänge Church) Vange-kyrka-Gotland-2010 02.jpg [16]
Väskinde Church c. 1250 to c. 1280 57°41′26″N 18°25′22″E / 57.69056°N 18.42278°E / 57.69056; 18.42278 (Väskinde Church) Väskinde kyrka.JPG [16]
Västergarn Church Mid-13th century 57°26′27″N 18°09′03″E / 57.44083°N 18.15083°E / 57.44083; 18.15083 (Västergarn Church) Västergarn kyrka.JPG [16]
Västerhejde Church 13th century 57°34′50″N 18°14′53″E / 57.58056°N 18.24806°E / 57.58056; 18.24806 (Västerhejde Church) Vasterhejde-kyrka-Gotland-2010-02.jpg [16]
Väte Church 14th century 57°26′56″N 18°21′50″E / 57.44889°N 18.36389°E / 57.44889; 18.36389 (Väte Church) Väte kyrka Gotland.jpg [21]
Öja Church First half of 13th century to mid-14th century 57°02′07″N 18°18′0″E / 57.03528°N 18.30000°E / 57.03528; 18.30000 (Öja Church) Öja kyrka2.jpg Houses a famous Gothic triumphal cross (pictured): Oeja kyrka Triumpfkreuz - Kopf Christi.jpg
Östergarn Church 13th century 57°25′18″N 18°51′31″E / 57.42167°N 18.85861°E / 57.42167; 18.85861 (Östergarn Church) Östergarns kyrka östfasad.JPG

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