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The Churchill Scholarship is awarded by the Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States to graduates of the more than one hundred colleges and universities invited to participate in the Churchill Scholarship Program, to pursue research and study in engineering, mathematics, or the biological and physical sciences for one year at the University of Cambridge. Churchill Scholars reside in Churchill College.

Applicants for the Churchill Scholarship must be U.S. citizens between the ages of 19 and 26 and may not hold the doctoral degree.

The first Churchill Scholarships, three in number, were awarded in 1963 and funded one year of study. Shortly thereafter, the Scholarships were available either for one-year programs or for doctoral studies at Cambridge. In the early 1980s the Foundation began to support only one-year programs in order to increase the number of Churchill Scholars. In its early years the Foundation also made small travel grants to Churchill Fellows, distinguished senior faculty at American colleges and universities who would spend one year at the College. Eight of the Churchill Fellows won the Nobel Prize.

Since 1963 some four hundred fifty Churchill Scholarships have been awarded. Fourteen Scholarships are awarded each year and currently provide between $44,000 and $50,000 of support to cover all university and college fees (i.e., tuition) at the University of Cambridge, a living allowance, visa fees, round-trip airfare between the United States and the United Kingdom, a $500 Travel Award, and the possibility of an additional $2,000 Special Research Grant.

As of 2017-2018, the schools with the most Churchill Scholars are:[1][2][3]

School Number of Scholars
Princeton University 40
Harvard University 38
Cornell University 21
Yale University 19
Duke University 19
California Institute of Technology 17
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 17
Michigan State University 16
Harvey Mudd College 16
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 15
University of Michigan 14
Johns Hopkins University 14
Stanford University 14
University of Chicago 14
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 13
Purdue University 13
Brown University 12
Carnegie Mellon University 11
University of Rochester 11
Northwestern University 10
Vanderbilt University 10
Amherst College 9
Case Western Reserve University 8
Dartmouth College 8
University of Minnesota 8
University of Pennsylvania 8
University of California/Berkeley 7

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