Churchill and the Generals

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Churchill and the Generals
Written by Ian Curteis
Directed by Alan Gibson
Starring Timothy West,
Eric Porter,
Arthur Hill
Theme music composer Wilfred Josephs
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Jack Levin
Alan Shallcross
Original network BBC 2
Original release 1979

Churchill and the Generals is a 1979 BBC television drama concerning the relationship between Winston Churchill and generals of the Allied forces, set in the Cabinet Office and War Rooms between 1940 and 1945. It was written by Ian Curteis (with Peter Young as military advisor).

It was first broadcast on BBC 2 on 23 September 1979, and repeated on BBC 1 on 22 August 1981. It screened on 5 March 1981 in the United States.

The Times television critic Michael Ratcliffe wrote: ‘Churchill, though trivial, was intermittently moving and fun (alternative title: Punch in the Second World War?)’[1]

Timothy West won the John Logie Baird performance award (1980).[2] He reprised the role of Churchill in The Last Bastion (1984) and Hiroshima (1995).



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