Churubusco–Franklin Centre Border Crossing

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Churubusco-Franklin Centre Border Crossing
Churubusco Border Inspection Station.jpg
Churubusco, NY Border Inspection Station
Country United States; Canada

US Port: NY Route 189 Churubusco, New York 12923

Canadian Port: None
Coordinates 44°59′56″N 73°56′21″W / 44.998978°N 73.939211°W / 44.998978; -73.939211
Opened 1933
US Phone (518) 497-6491
Canadian Phone None
Hours 8:00 AM-4:00 PM (Southbound only)

Churubusco-Franklin Centre is a border crossing connecting Franklin Centre, Quebec to Churubusco, New York. In an unusual lack of coordination between the two nations, the United States committed to building a new $6.8 Million border inspection station at Churubusco, at the same time Canada committed to closing its Franklin Center border station.,.[1] The result is an apparent permanent condition where travelers may enter the US from Canada at this location, but they must return via another route.

Canada closed its port of entry on April 1, 2011, and tore down its border inspection station soon thereafter. The US completed work on its new border inspection station and tore down its old border station in 2012.

Until the early 1960s, the US had no border inspection station at this crossing. The US Customs Service operated an office in rented space in a private home near Ellenburg, and people entering the US were expected to travel there to report for inspection.

Canadian Border Inspection Station at Franklin Centre Quebec as seen in 2001. This building was closed and subsequently demolished in 2011.

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