Churute Mangroves Ecological Reserve

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Manglares Churute Ecological Reserve
Location  Ecuador
Guayas Province
Nearest city Guayaquil
Coordinates 2°30′32″S 79°44′38″W / 2.509°S 79.744°W / -2.509; -79.744Coordinates: 2°30′32″S 79°44′38″W / 2.509°S 79.744°W / -2.509; -79.744
Area 494 km²
Established 1979

Manglares Churute Ecological Reserve is located in the Guayas Province of Ecuador. The 86,589-acre (350.41 km2) nature reserve is located 25 miles (40 km) from Guayaquil.


The many lakes located in the park are great ways to view many aquatic birds and tortoises. Ducks, herons, woodpeckers, badgers, anteaters, shrimp and crabs inhabit the inlets in the lakes.


Near the water are many mangrove formations. Oak, ebony, silk-cotton trees and balsa are some trees found in the dry forests. Around most of the park orchids and bromeliads cover the landscape.

Attractions and Other[edit]

Canoe trips through mangrove areas allow the viewing of many unique species of Fauna. HIking is also an option here.

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