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"Sach" redirects here. For the various cooking utensils used on the Balkans called sach, see Sač. For the village in Iran, see Saj, Iran.
Total population
( Vietnam 6,022 (2009)[1])
Regions with significant populations
Laos, Vietnam

The Chut (Vietnamese: người Chứt) are a small ethnic group located in the Minh Hóa and Tuyên Hóa districts of Quảng Bình Province, in Vietnam's North Central Coast.


There are multiple sub-ethnic groups within the Chut designation including the Rục, Mày, Arem, Mã Liêng, and Sách.


Chut sub-groups all speak the Chut language with dialects, except the Arem, which speaks the Arem language. Both languages are included in the Vietic branch of the Austroasiatic family.


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