Chuy District

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Kyrgyzstan Chüy Raion.png
Country Kyrgyzstan
Province Chuy Province
Chuy District 1927
 • Total 678 sq mi (1,756 km2)
Population (2009)[1]
 • Total 44,753
Time zone GMT +5 (UTC+5)

Chuy is a raion (district) of Chuy Province in northern Kyrgyzstan. The district surrounds the provincial capital, Tokmok, but does not include it. The district capital lies at the city of Tokmok.


Chuy District is located in the eastern part of Chuy Valley. Its southern part spreads into Kyrgyz Ala-Too mountains. Chu River and its tributaries Shamshy River, Kegeti River, etc. dominate the hydrology. There are a number of glaciers feeding tributaries in Kyrgyz Ala-Too such as Shamshy Glacier, Kel-Ter, etc. The climate is continental.


As of 2009, Chuy District included 38 villages. Its population, according to the Population and Housing Census of 2009, was 44,753.

Historical populations in Chuy District
Year Pop. ±%
1970 32,710 —    
1979 37,094 +13.4%
1989 42,968 +15.8%
1999 44,786 +4.2%
2009 44,753 −0.1%

Ethnic composition[edit]

According to the 2009 Census, the ethnic composition (de jure population) of the Chuy District was:[1]

Ethnic group Population Proportion of Chuy District population
Kyrgyzs 39,116 83.2%
Russians 3,255 6.9%
Dungans 2,201 4.7%
Azerbaijanis 828 1.8%
Kazakhs 522 1.1%
Uzbeks 294 0.6%
Germans 152 0.3%
Tatars 130 0.3%
other groups 519 1.1%

Towns, rural communities, and villages[edit]

In total, Chuy District include 10 rural communities (aiyl okmotus). Each rural community can consist of one or several villages. In total, there are 39 villages in Chuy District. The rural communities and settlements in the Chuy District are:[2]

  1. Ak-Beshim aiyl okmotu (center - village Ak-Beshim, and also villages Jany-Jol, Kalygul)
  2. Burana aiyl okmotu (center - village Don-Aryk, and also villages Alga, Burana, Meenetkech)
  3. Ibraimov aiyl okmotu (center - village Koshoy, and also villages Kara-Oy, Kyzyl-Asker, Lenin Jolu, Taldy-Bulak)
  4. Iskra aiyl okmotu (center - village Kara-Debe, and also villages Vostochnoe, Jany-Turmush, Iskra, Zheleznodorozhnoe)
  5. Kegeti aiyl okmotu (center - village Kegeti, and also villages Arpa-Tektir, Akmatbek, Sovetskoe, Chapaeva)
  6. Koshkorgon aiyl okmotu (center - village Koshkorgon)
  7. On Bir-Jylga aiyl okmotu (center - village Progress, and also villages Oy-Bir-Dzhilga, Kaiyrma, Madaniyat)
  8. Saylyk aiyl okmotu (center - village Saylyk, and also villages Jany-Chek, and Vinogradnoe)
  9. Chuy aiyl okmotu (center - village Chuy, and also villages Birimdik, Michurin, Chuy)
  10. Shamshy aiyl okmotu (center - village Shamshy, and also villages Chong-Jar, Kosh-Kashat, Karagul, and Kardon)

Famous people born in Chuy District[edit]


Tokmok (ru)

Coordinates: 42°50′N 75°17′E / 42.833°N 75.283°E / 42.833; 75.283