Ciara (given name)

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Pronunciation/ˈkɪərə/ KEER
Language(s)Irish Gaelic
Meaningblack, little dark one, dark haired
Region of originIreland
Other names
Related namesCiarán, Ceara, Ceará, Ciera, Cyra, Chiara, Keara, Keira, Kiara, Kiera, Kira, Kyra

Ciara is a popular Irish language female name and was tenth on the list of most popular names given to baby girls in Ireland in 2006. It is the feminine version of the name Ciarán, meaning "dark-haired" in Irish, and was also the name of Saint Ciara, a seventh-century Irish saint venerated by the Roman Catholic Church. The name is often anglicized as Keira, Kiera, Keara or Kira.

In the United States, the name Ciara is also sometimes pronounced /siˈɑːrə/. This pronunciation may have been further promoted in part by the popularity of a perfume brand called Ciara (pronounced see-AR, "C-R-uh" after the initials of Charles Revson) created by Revlon in 1973. It is also sometimes used in the United States as a spelling variant of the name Sierra, as popularized by the American R&B singer Ciara.[citation needed]


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  1. ^ The Great Big Book of Baby Names - Page 392 Cleveland Kent Evans - 2006 "Finally, many parents, especially in the African-American community, have used Ciara as an alternative spelling for Sierra, which is how the R&B singer Ciara pronounces the name."