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Cicero (106 BC–43 BC), full name Marcus Tullius Cicero, was a Roman statesman, lawyer, political theorist, philosopher and one of Rome's greatest orators.

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  • "Cicero", code name of Elyesa Bazna, an Albanian who spied for Germany in World War II
  • Andrea Lo Cicero (born 1976), Italian rugby player
  • Chic Cicero (born 1936), founder and co-Chief of the modern Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
  • David Cicero (born 1970), Scottish singer and keyboardist
  • "Little Cicero" (born 1980), or Cicinho, Brazilian footballer
  • Nando Cicero (1931–1995), Italian film director and actor
  • Padre Cícero (1844–1934), pr Cícero Romão Batista, Brazilian priest
  • Roger Cicero (1970–2016), German jazz/swing singer
  • Quintus Tullius Cicero (died 43 BC), younger brother of Marcus Tullius Cicero who served in government as an author
  • Tabatha Cicero, co-chief of the modern Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
  • Marcus Tullius Cicero Minor (born 65 BC), son of Marcus Tullius Cicero and Roman consul
  • Cícero Santos (born 1984), Brazilian footballer
  • Cícero Semedo (born 1986), Portuguese football player
  • Cícero Lins, Brazilian singer, composer, and producer


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