Cicindela littoralis

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Cicindela (Calomera) littoralis[1]
Calomera littoralis littoralis side.jpg
Cicindela (C.) littoralis subsp. littoralis
Scientific classification
C. (C.) littoralis
Binomial name
Cicindela (Calomera) littoralis
(Fabricius, 1787)
Subspecies[2][note 1]
  • C. l. afghana (Mandl, 1955)
  • C. l. aulicoides (Sahlberg, 1913)
  • C. l. conjunctaepustulata (Dokhtouroff, 1887)
  • C. l. fiorri (Grandi, 1906)
  • C. l. littoralis (Fabricius, 1787)
  • C. l. nemoralis (Olivier, 1790)
  • C. l. peipingensis (Mandl, 1934)
  • C. l. quadrapuncta (Rossi, 1790)
  • C. l. reductemaculata (Mandl, 1934
  • C. l. winkeri (Mandl, 1934
Calomera littoralis range map.png
Hunting behaviour on the shore of Lake Zakher, United Arab Emirates

Cicindela (Calomera) littoralis,[note 2] commonly known as the littoral tiger beetle,[3] is a species of Tiger Beetle found across the Palearctic realm, especially around the Mediterranean and Black seas.[4][5] One of its subspecies, Calomera littoralis nemoralis, was the first member of the Cicindelidae family to exhibit vegetarian feeding behaviour, having been observed feeding on maize and cooked pasta in large numbers.[6]

Notable subspecies[edit]

Cicindela (C.) littoralis nemoralis[edit]

Cicindela littoralis nemoralis is common in Southern Europe.[7]


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