Cider House Rules

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Cider House Rules
Cider House Rules Podcast.jpg
Hosting Aiden Grant
Matt Horsted
Genre Comedy
Language English
Updates Fortnightly
Length 20 minutes
Audio format MP3
Debut 16 August 2012

Cider House Rules (sometimes referred to as CHR) is a fortnightly Australian comedy podcast created and hosted by Aiden Grant and Matt Horsted, and launched in August 2012. Episodes are approximately 20 minutes in length, and primarily consist of casual conversations between hosts Grant and Horsted on cider news, reviews and what ever else has been happening in their lives. Also commonly featured in the podcast are humorous parody songs, skits and interviews with cider makers. Each episode is recorded in a fictitious location referred to as Cider HQ.


Despite the fact that Cider House Rules is usually recorded with only Grant and Horsted present, several episodes also feature interviews with cider makers, including Steve Dorman from Hills Cider, Nyall Condon from Flying Brick Cider[1] and many others.

List of episodes[2][edit]

Episode Title Description Release date
1 In The Beginning The first of hopefully many podcasts from Cider HQ. Hosted by Aiden and Matt, in this episode tackle all the big issues: the Mars landing, cow's teats and cider. 16 August 2012
2 Ginger Party Bulmers Original Apple Cider is the drink rated by Aiden & Matt in this episode. But talk quickly gets off track with red-headed parties and Mary Poppins drug theories. 11 September 2012
3 The Hills Are Alive The Hills Cider is the feature drink this episode with tasting, rating and also a chat with co-creator Steve Dorman. But don't worry there was still time for some toilet talk and sexually transmitted infections. 30 September 2012
4 Cider In The Grass Pipsqueak is drank, songs are sang, the c-ideas are flowing and a very interesting listener challenge is put on the table. 27 October 2012
5 Prizes Prizes Prizes Not only do we drink and feature Old Mout Cider but we also give you the chance to win some OMC prize packs. Along with that, another cider song and a very awkward encounter on the train! 13 November 2012
6 90s Memories and Moustaches We almost forgot to drink the Five Seeds Cider that was featured. What was not forgotten though, was a lot of 90s references and Movember. There was even enough time to ring a random pub to check if they had cider on tap! 5 December 2012
7 Perry Christmas It's a jam packed Christmas episode! We rant and rave about Christmas, wrap up our latest competition and down some nice organic cider from Willie Smith. Perry Christmas to all and to all a great podcast! 22 December 2012
8 Maths In Ya Face Matt had a very strange New Year's Eve and is blaming Aiden! Find out why along with what they thought of the feature drink, Dcider and there is an exciting new competition launched! 6 January 2013
9 Aussie Aussie Aussie Aiden and Matt celebrate Australia Day, by profiling local cider Flying Brick and chat to Nyall Condon the creator. Also Matt relives the horror of a magpie swoop and Aiden laughs a lot at his expense! 21 January 2013
10 On Location Recorded at The Great Australian Beer Festival, we chat to punters, cider makers and yell over the top of crowds for your amusement. The audio is a little rough in the ears so don't judge this episode too harshly please! 4 February 2013
11 Singing Homeless Man Delicious tales of cider spiders, more train antics and Matt confronts Aiden about a personal issue for everyone to hear. The Savanna Dry Cider on the other hand, was not so delicious! 19 February 2013
12 Naughty Goblin Feel like an Irish sing-a-long? Well you're in luck with our St Patrick's Day episode. We profile Green Goblin cider, Matt belts out a new cider song and Aiden asks the question "Where do you listen to CHR?". 11 March 2013
13 Embarrassing Mother This is shocking podcast. Shocking in a good way though. Be shocked by what we thought of Rekorderlig cider. Be shocked by Aiden's embarrassing mother and be shocked by a guest appearance from Oprah Winfrey! 1 April 2013
14 Go Bite Yourself In this short episode the boys search for a celebrity to be the face of cider, Matt gets hassled by a girl and in memory on Anzac Day, they drink New Zealand's Monteith's cider. 18 April 2013
15 Collector’s Item Herijuana +46 is the profiled cider this episode, or as the guys like to call it, Hairy Guinga! Matt also goes on a mission to find his abs and if Hollywood called who would play the guys in Cider House Rules The Movie? 7 May 2013
16 Love To Hate Forget 'The Great Gatsby', we have the world premier of ‘Cider House Rules The Movie’! Grab a Strongbow Cider to drink along with Aiden and Matt as they talk about a rival cider-cast and dreams. 28 May 2013
17 Looks Like A Dog With Matt away, Terrorist Tim and Robbie fill in, casting pod with Aiden. They chat to Hillbilly creator Tessa McLaughlin and launch a new competition 'Share the Love' to win free cider. 11 June 2013
18 Balanced Matt's back from overseas and casting pod big time! The boys road test some limited edition Cheeky Rascal ciders, Aiden's sits a smell test and cider expert James Adams from All About Cider has a chat. 10 July 2013
19 Doctor In The House Aiden and Matt not only feature Dr Pilkington's Miracle Cider but they also try to track down the doctor himself! (Even if he is a made up character). Plus Matt makes us all jealous with cider tales from Spain. 28 July 2013
20 Cider-versary For the one year cider-versary Matt and Aiden, along with some special surprise guests, take a look back at their big year together, including their time on Hey Hey It's Saturday and the Cider In The Grass festival. 14 August 2013
21 Dad Jokes With Dad jokes in one hand and Dirty Granny ciders in the other, Aiden and Matt bring you another cider-cast! And listen out for a brand new cider song too. 6 September 2013
22 Midnight Pod It's round two of the cider podcast rivalry and this time Aiden has ammunition! Matt is pretty relaxed by it all because he's on teacher holidays and is sipping our feature cider from Matso's. 30 September 2013
23 80s Vibe Straight from Scotland, the featured cider, Thistly Cross goes down a treat on this episode. Matt raises the idea of a 'man trip' and Aiden goes all ghetto with a new cider song! 11 November 2013
24 Knob Of Butter Want a cider filled Christmas? Well Aiden, Matt and Jamie Oliver have all the solutions! We also drink Lucky Duck cider and interview the creator…sort of. Merry Cider-mas everyone. 11 December 2013


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