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Ye Olde Cider Bar in East Street, Newton Abbot.

A cider house is an establishment that sells alcoholic cider for consumption on the premises. Some cider houses also sell cider "to go", for consumption off the premises. A traditional cider house was often little more than a room in a farmhouse or cottage, selling locally fermented cider.


Cider houses were once common selling a product that was usually fermented on the premises from apples grown in a local cider orchard. Because of changes in the taxation of cider in the early 1970s, and social changes, most cider houses now exist in name only. A few do still exist in, for example, the West Country of the United Kingdom.[1][2]

Cider houses also exist in other countries such as those in the Basque Country, where they are called sagardotegi. As cider has gained popularity during the 21st century, especially in countries such as Australia, 'bar & restaurant style' cider houses are opening; the Brunswick St Cider House in Melbourne is an example.[3]

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