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Ye Olde Cider Bar in East Street, Newton Abbot.

A cider house is an establishment that sells alcoholic cider for consumption on the premises. Some cider houses also sell cider "to go", for consumption off the premises. A traditional cider house was often little more than a room in a farmhouse or cottage, selling locally fermented cider.


Cider houses were once common selling a product that was usually fermented on the premises from apples grown in a local cider orchard. Because of changes in the taxation of cider in the early 1970s, and social changes, most cider houses now exist in name only. A few do still exist in, for example, the West Country of the United Kingdom.[1][2]

Cider houses are common in the Basque Country, where they are called sagardotegi. As cider has gained popularity during the 21st century, especially in countries such as Australia, 'bar & restaurant style' cider houses are opening; the Brunswick St Cider House in Melbourne is an example.[3]

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