Cili County

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Cili County
Cili is located in Hunan
Location in Hunan
Coordinates: 29°22′44″N 110°57′22″E / 29.379°N 110.956°E / 29.379; 110.956Coordinates: 29°22′44″N 110°57′22″E / 29.379°N 110.956°E / 29.379; 110.956[1]
Country People's Republic of China
Province Hunan
Prefecture-level city Zhangjiajie
Seat Lingyang
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Cili (simplified Chinese: 慈利县; traditional Chinese: 慈利縣; pinyin: Cílì Xiàn) is a county in Hunan Province, China under administration of Zhangjiajie profecture-level City. Located in the north of Hunan and the east of Zhangjiajie, Cili County is bordered to the southeast by Taoyuan County, to the south and the southwest by Yongding District, to the west and the northwest by Sangzhi County, to the north and northeast by Shimen County. Cili is also the home of the Tujia people. The County has an area of 3,492 kilometres (2,170 mi) with 703,452 of registered population and roughly 613,000 permanent population (as of 2015).[2] It is divided into 25 township-level divisions (November 27, 2015), its county seat is Lingyang Town (零阳镇).

Recently[when?] a tomb was discovered around Cili that was 2,200 years old. Among the items discovered was a bronze cooking vessel that contained fish. The tomb was that of an ancient senior official[citation needed].

Administrative divisions[edit]

According to the result on adjustment of township-level administrative divisions of Cili County on November 27, 2015, it has 15 towns and 10 townships (7 of which are ethnic townships of the Tujia people)under its jurisdiction. Its county seat is Lingyang (零阳镇).[3] they are:

15 Towns
3 Townships
7 Tujia ethnic townships (土家族乡)



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