Cima Valdritta

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Cima Valdritta
Cima Valdritta summit
Highest point
Elevation 2,218 m (7,277 ft) [1]
Prominence 1,950 m (6,400 ft) [2]
Isolation 22.34 kilometres (13.88 mi)
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 45°43′35″N 10°50′38″E / 45.72639°N 10.84389°E / 45.72639; 10.84389Coordinates: 45°43′35″N 10°50′38″E / 45.72639°N 10.84389°E / 45.72639; 10.84389[2]
Cima Valdritta is located in Italy
Cima Valdritta
Cima Valdritta
Veneto, northern Italy
Parent range Alps, Brescia and Garda Prealps
Easiest route rock/snow climb

Cima Valdritta is the highest summit of the Monte Baldo mountain range and thereby part of the Garda Mountains in northern Italy.


The Cima Valdritta summit is the highest peak of the Monte Baldo range,[3] that roughly extends from north to south. Other prominent peaks in the range are Punta Telegrafo to the south and Cima delle Pozzette to the north. On the western slopes is the impressive Valdritta cirque. The summit is rocky and just above the tree line.


The summit can be reached from the south via Punta Telegrafo, from the north as a long hike over the Monte Baldo mountain ridge, from the west through the Valdritta cirque or fastest from the east, a steep track starting at the country road SP3.

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