Cimetière Saint-Pierre (Marseille)

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Cimetière Saint-Pierre
Cimetière Saint-Pierre (Marseille) is located in Marseille
Cimetière Saint-Pierre (Marseille)
Location 380 Rue Saint-Pierre, 13005 Marseille
Country France
Coordinates 43°17′28″N 5°24′45″E / 43.29111°N 5.41250°E / 43.29111; 5.41250Coordinates: 43°17′28″N 5°24′45″E / 43.29111°N 5.41250°E / 43.29111; 5.41250
Size 63 ha

The Cimetière Saint-Pierre is the largest cemetery in the town of Marseille, France.[1]


It is located at number 380 on the Rue Saint-Pierre in the 5th arrondissement of Marseille.[2][3]


The cemetery is the third largest cemetery in France after the Cimetière parisien de Pantin and the Cimetière parisien de Thiais, both of which are based in Paris.[1] It was established on September 25, 1855.[1] However, it was only inaugurated on December 30, 1863.[1]

Notable burials[edit]


Politicians and military personnel[edit]




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