Cimetière des Rois

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Traditional grave of Calvin; the exact location of his grave in the cemetery is unknown
Tombe de Jorge Lui Borges, Cimetière des Rois, Plainpalais.

The Cimetière des Rois (French: Cemetery of Kings) or Cimetière de Plainpalais, is a cemetery in Geneva, Switzerland, where John Calvin (the Protestant reformer), Jorge Luis Borges (the Argentine author), Sérgio Vieira de Mello (the former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights), Ernest Ansermet (renowned Swiss conductor), and Jean Piaget[1] (the noted developmental psychologist and epistemologist) are buried. The composer Frank Martin, Humphry Davy, Alberto Ginastera, Griselidis Real and Alice Rivaz are also buried there.


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Coordinates: 46°12′07″N 6°08′11″E / 46.20194°N 6.13639°E / 46.20194; 6.13639