Cimmerian Sibyl

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Cimmerian Sibyl by Guercino.

The Cimmerian Sibyl, by name Carmentis, was the prophetic priestess presiding over the Apollonian Oracle at Cimmerium in Italy, near Lake Avernus (i.e. Cumae). This sibyl may have been a doublet for the Cumaean since the designation Cimmerian refers to priestesses who lived underground near Lake Avernus. An oracular shrine dedicated to Apollo, as at Delphi, stood on the Acropolis of Cumae. An underground Roman road ran from the southeastern part of Cumae, through Mount Grillo to the shores of Lake Avernus.

The word Sibyl comes (via Latin) from the ancient Greek word sibylla, meaning prophetess. There were many Sibyls in the ancient world, but the Cimmerian Sibyl was venerated by the pre-Hellenic native populations.

Naevius names the Cimmerian Sibyl in his books of the Punic War and Piso in his annals (Varro in Lactantius Inst. 1.6.9).

The Sibyl's son Evander founded in Rome the shrine of Pan which is called the Lupercal.