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DLR project manager Christian Karrasch and Airbus project manager Philipp Schulien pose with CIMON in front of the Vehicle Assembly Building of NASA's Kennedy Space Center

Cimon or officially CIMON (Crew Interactive Mobile companion) is a head-shaped AI robot used in the International Space Station.

The device is "an AI-based assistant for astronauts" developed by Airbus and IBM, with funding from the German Aerospace Center.[1] The device is modelled after the character of Professor Simon Wright, "the flying brain," from the anime series Captain Future.[2] Cimon runs on Ubuntu,[3] and maneuvers using fans.[4]

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  • Int-Ball – a similar floating camera robot deployed on the ISS by JAXA
  • Kirobo – first robot astronaut on the ISS by JAXA
  • Robonaut2 – a semi-humanoid robot deployed on the ISS by NASA


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