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IndustryAnimation studio
FounderJacques Pettigrew
HeadquartersMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Key people
President & CEO
Jacques Pettigrew
Creative Director
Michel Lemire
CGI Supervisor
Christian Garcia
OwnerJacques Pettigrew

CinéGroupe is a Canadian animation studio based in Montreal, Quebec. The company was founded in 1974.[1] Its shows and films have been seen in over 125 countries.[1]

Notable franchises from CinéGroupe include: What's with Andy?, The Kids from Room 402, and Pig City (all aired on the former Fox Family Channel banner); the computer-animated Tripping the Rift (on the Sci-Fi Channel); and PBS' Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat. With Sony Wonder, it has produced Mega Babies (also aired on Fox Family), as well as a direct-to-video feature, Lion of Oz (a prequel to both the L. Frank Baum work, and the 1939 movie). In the 2000s, the company produced the animation for a sequel to the 1981 cult classic Heavy Metal for Columbia TriStar Home Video titled Heavy Metal 2000,[2] shown on the Starz family of networks in the U.S. and on Teletoon in Canada from 2001 onwards. In 2004, it made Pinocchio 3000, a sci-fi retelling of the Carlo Collodi tale.[3] Galidor, a live-action fantasy series for teenagers, has also been produced by the company. The company also cooperated with MGA Entertainment in the creation of Bratz: Starrin' and Stylin', a 2-D animated direct-to-video movie based on MGA's Bratz line of fashion dolls.

In August 1998, it was announced that Fox Family Worldwide would purchase a 20% minority stake in the company. [4] The studio would still be fully owned by Lions Gate Entertainment.

In 2002, the company united with Les Disques Star Records Inc. to create a home video distributor called CinéGroupe/Star.[5] The partnership ended in January 2004.[citation needed]

Cinégroupe is currently co-producing Tshakapesh, a 2D animated series based on an Innu legend, which has aired on APTN and Radio-Canada since the fall of 2018. Two edutainment IPs are currently being developed by CinéGroupe, aiming at raising awareness about water preservation and environmental protection. CinéGroupe is also eyeing reboots and revitalization of their classic properties.

CinéGroupe is currently partnered with HG Distribution (Henry Gagnon Distribution) for the distribution of its library.[6] However, only a portion of CinéGroupe's catalogue is listed for distribution by HG. Several notable titles such as Bad Dog, Daft Planet, and The Tofus are missing,[7] as are live action series, such as Big Wolf on Campus.[8]




TV specials[edit]

Video Games[edit]

In 2002 and 2003, CinéGroupe developed some video games for the Game Boy Advance.


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