Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Western Railroad

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The Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Western Railroad (reporting mark CIWN)[1] was established in 1915 as a reorganization of the Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Western Railway, which in turn had been created in 1902 as a merger of the Indiana, Decatur and Western Railway (ID&W) and the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Indianapolis Railroad (CH&I). Predecessors of the ID&W include the Indianapolis, Decatur and Western Railway (1888-1894), the Indianapolis & Wabash Railway (1887-1888), the Indianapolis, Decatur and Springfield Railway (1875-1887), and the Indiana and Illinois Central Railway (1853-1875).

In 1925, the CIWN reported 376 million net ton-miles of revenue freight and 14 million passenger-miles; at the end of that year it operated 347 miles (558 km) of road and 460 miles (740 km) of track. In 1927, it was acquired by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.[2]


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