Cincinnati Milling Machine Company

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Cincinnati Milling Machine Company
Formation 1889
Extinction 1970 (name change)
Type Machine tools
Legal status name change, later sold
Purpose Production machine tools, grinders, cutting fluids
Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (and later Oakley, a suburb)
A typical milling machine of the era, built by Cincinnati Milling Machine Company. It is a horizontal, with an overarm for the arbor.

The Cincinnati Milling Machine Company was an American machine tool builder headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Incorporated in 1889, the company was formed for the purpose of building and promoting innovative new machine tool designs, especially milling machines. The principals in forming the company were Frederick A. Geier and Fred Holz.

From the 1890s through the 1960s, the Cincinnati Milling Machine Company was one of the biggest builders of milling machines.[1] It also built various other classes of machines, such as planers and grinding machines. In 1970 it was reincorporated as Cincinnati Milacron Inc. and later as Milacron Inc. The machine tool business line was later sold to Unova, and portions operated as Cincinnati Machine Company. An Indian subsidiary, Cincinnati Milacron Ltd, is now called Ferromatik Milacron India Pvt Ltd.[2]

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