Cincinnati Tigers (ice hockey)

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Cincinnati Tigers
Cincinnati Tigers.gif
City Cincinnati, Ohio
League Central Hockey League
Operated 1981-82
Home arena Riverfront Coliseum
Colors Black with blue, gold and white trim
Owner(s) Maple Leaf Gardens Limited
Affiliates Toronto Maple Leafs

The Cincinnati Tigers were a minor league ice hockey team in the old Central Hockey League during the 1981-82 season. They played in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Riverfront Coliseum. The team was owned and operated by Maple Leaf Gardens Limited, and served as a farm team for the Toronto Maple Leafs.[1][2][3][4] Prior to launching the Tigers, the Leafs were affiliated with the New Brunswick Hawks of the American Hockey League (AHL), which they shared with the Chicago Black Hawks.[1][3] However, Harold Ballard, owner of the Leafs, decided that they needed a developmental team of their own,[5] with a spokesperson citing the limited number of roster spots as the rational for the move.[3][1]

The team averaged only 1,500 fans and lost $750,000 in their first season, leading the Leafs to fold the Tigers in the spring of 1982.[6][7][8] Shortly thereafter, with Chicago having pulled out of New Brunswick in favour of affiliating with the Springfield Indians on their own,[7][8] the Leafs relocated the New Brunswick Hawks to St. Catharines, Ontario to establish the St. Catharines Saints as their farm team.[9][10][4]

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