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Theatrical movie poster
Directed by
Starring Sam Concepcion
AJ Perez
Robi Domingo
Jodi Sta. Maria
Maja Salvador
Rayver Cruz
Mariel Rodriguez
Zanjoe Marudo
Distributed by Star Cinema
Release dates
  • July 14, 2010 (2010-07-14)
Running time
151 mins
Country Philippines
  • Tagalog
  • English
Box office ₱61 million[1]

Cinco (Five) is a 2010 Filipino psychological supernatural horror film produced and released by Star Cinema. The film consists of five different horror stories with various actors and directors. The film was released on July 14, 2010.[2][3]


The film was divided into five episodes entitled Braso (Arm), Paa (Feet), Mata (Eyes), Mukha (Face) and Puso (Heart).

First: Braso (Arm)[edit]

Sam Concepcion portrays as Ivan, one of the three who join the inisiation
Robi Domingo portrays as Ronald, a bestfriends of Ivan and Andrew
Baron Geisler portrays as Greg, one of the male antagonists on the segment

Three neophytes are brought to a morgue for the final part of their initiation while being dressed in lingeries. They are told to last three hours in the keep. When an overeager neophyte snoops around the morgue, they get more than what they bargained for. After which a detached arm on a corpse, with the R.I.P. tattoo on the hand, came to life, despite being detached from the body.They escaped with their lives but the arm still crawls and strangles fraternity master,the hand exiting from the man's mouth before blacking out.

Second: Paa (Feet)[edit]

A young mother visits the wake of her daughter's classmate. A hand with R.I.P. tattoo on the hand was seen walking on the area. She went to a wake,but she was bitten by a rabid dog. Soon, she finds the ghost of the dead child on her tail seeking revenge after she steals the shoes of her daughter's classmate (causing the car accident that also caused the death and amputation of the feet of her daughter's classmate). She suffers hallucinations, pain and being haunted by Kaye's ghost, she later burns the shoes.A year later, she was seen in crutches, her leg amputated due to infection.

Third: Mata (Eyes)[edit]

Maja Salvador portrays as Rose, a female protagonists on the segment, she killed his boyfriend Alvin
Rayver Cruz portrays as Alvin, a male protagonists on the segment, he the haunted his girlfriend Rose

"Mata" is all about Rose (Maja Salvador) and her jealous boyfriend (Rayver Cruz), who after witnessing a crime when her boyfriend kills a man during road rage, experiences a repetition/Déjà-vu of the same dreadful incident until she tells the truth. The R.I.P. tattoo on the hand was seen lighting a man's cigarette. She undoes the repetitions by killing her own fiancé, saving the victim, but being haunted (and seemingly killed) by her loved one.

Fourth: Mukha (Face)[edit]

Mariel Rodriguez portrays as Rizza, a madrasta cast on the segment

Rizza (Mariel Rodriguez) is a cold mean editor. After she fires a janitor, she is then haunted. Although it is revealed to be a joke by the late night shift employee Eric (Ketchup Eusebio), later in the episode the janitor actually jumps off the building, killing himself. Once Rizza realizes the prank, she angrily shouts, "You're fired!" unaware that the real ghost is behind her inside the elevator. The episode ends with Eric finding her inside the elevator, traumatized by the ghost. She then suddenly becomes crazy. During the events wherein Mang Bong the janitor committed suicide, the second employee that was waiting outside bought a balot which was handed to him by a man whose hand bears the R.I.P tattoo.

Fifth: Puso (Heart)[edit]

Valerie Garcia portrays as Rowena, a female antagonists on the segment, she is a boyfriend of Elvis
Empoy Marquez portrays as Denden, an entrusted and funny bestfriend of Emily

A circus woman with an unflattering appearance uses a love potion on her love who works in the carnival's horror house. When the potion worked, unfortunately, the man got brutally stabbed to death by a crazed member of the audience. Hell ensues at the carnival as the man is turned into a zombie and chases the circus woman, killing all who tries to obstruct him. Eventually, the circus woman dies, but she managed to cut her lover's arm. It is revealed that the arm is the same arm in the first part of the movie. It is also revealed that Elvis is the one with the R.I.P. tattoo. (Braso)



  • Greg (Killed By Arm by stuffing itself)


  • Kaye (Killed and amputated her foot when she was collided)


  • Jerome (Killed By Alvin)
  • Alvin (Killed By Rose)
  • Rose (Haunted and strangled by Alvin)


  • Mang Bong (Suicide)


  • Rowena (Killed By Elvis)
  • Madam Osang (Killed By Elvis)
  • Denden (Killed By Elvis)
  • Elvis (Killed By Emily)
  • Emily (Killed By Elvis,partly)
  • Elvis (Killed by his enemy)


Hawak Kamay By Yeng Constantino

Jingle Bells By James Pierpont


Cinco debuted with a ₱11 million gross on its first day nationwide.[4] The film gave a total gross of ₱61 million,[5] according to Box Office Mojo. Conrated by Neil Coleta as Bono, Hero Angeles as The Edge, Jon Lucas as Adam Clayton and Jerome Ponce as Larry Mullen, Jr. of the U2 with the With or Without You.

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