Cindy (given name)

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Gender Female
Other names
Alternative spelling Cyndy, Cyndi, Cindi
Related names Cynthia

Cindy, Cindi, Cyndy and Cyndi are feminine given names, sometimes diminutives (hypocorisms) of Cynthia.




  • Cindi Cain, Canadian country music singer
  • Cindi Katz (born 1954), American geographer and CUNY Graduate Center professor
  • Cynthia Leive (born 1967), Editor in Chief of Glamour magazine
  • Cynthia Cindi Love, American entrepreneur and businessperson


  • Cyndi Almouzni (born 1984), French pop singer also known as Cherie
  • Cyndi Grecco (born 1952), American singer who performed the theme song of the American sitcom Laverne & Shirley
  • Cynthia Cyndi Lauper (born 1953), American singer-songwriter
  • Cyndi Wang (born 1982), Taiwanese pop singer and actress
  • Cynthia Wood (born 1950), 1974 Playboy Playmate Of The Year


  • Cyndy Brucato (born 1951), American journalist and former news anchor
  • Cyndy Garvey (born 1949), American TV personality and former wife of baseball player Steve Garvey
  • Cyndy Violette (born 1959), American professional poker player

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