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Cindy Lee (Chinese: 李羅昌鈺) is a Canadian businesswoman who is best known for being the founder T & T Supermarket, the largest Canadian grocery retail chain in Canada that sells Asian foodstuffs. Taking the helm as its President and CEO in 1993, she turned the store into a national household name for many Canadians of various ethnic backgrounds and the store overall has gained national recognition and popularity within the Canadian mainstream.[1] Cindy Lee retired from her role as CEO in 2014 and is succeeded by her daughter, Tina Lee (Chinese: 李佩婷). Cindy currently serves as a Board of Directors member for T&T Supermarkets.


Cindy Lee was born in Taiwan to one of eight children to a family of entrepreneurs. Her father left revolutionary China in 1948 prior to the establishment of the Communist takeover. She studied accounting at the National Chengchi University in Taiwan and immigrated to Canada in 1976. She worked as a bookkeeper for $5 an hour, which is the 2017 equivalent of $22.21USD, and has been married to her husband Jack (Chinese: 李安邦) since 1978. They have three children.[2]


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