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CineEurope logo.jpg
CineEurope logo
Status Active
Genre Cinema industry
Venue Centro de Convenciones Internacional de Barcelona
Location(s) Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Country Spain
Inaugurated 1992
Most recent 2015
Organized by Prometheus Global Media Film Group Expo
International Union of Cinemas

CineEurope (formerly Cinema Expo International) is the longest running European trade show and convention for the cinema industry. Organised by Prometheus Global Media Film Group Expo and jointly since 2015 with the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), CineEurope combines the official annual convention of the latter trade association representing cinema exhibitors and their national associations, and a trade show featuring product and film presentations, and screenings of select feature films.[1][2]


Entrance to the Centro de Convenciones Internacional de Barcelona, Spain at the 2015 CineEurope


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