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Cinemayhem logo 2014 big 1100px.jpg
Location Los Angeles, California
Founded 2013
Hosted by Heather Wixson
Festival date March 28–30
Language English

CineMayhem is a film festival that celebrates independent horror films.


CineMayhem, a film festival for independent horror films,[1] was founded by Heather Wixson in association with Dread Central's Indie Horror Month. Wixson is a former contributor to Dread Central and currently now writes with Daily Dead. The first festival was presented in Thousand Oaks, California, and the inaugural date was March 2–3, 2013.[2] The first festival was sponsored by Scream Factory, Sideshow Collectibles, Magnet Releasing, and Breaking Glass Pictures.[3] The event is held at the Muvico theater, which Wixson arranged through connections from her hometown. An after-party at the Muvico takes place following the event.[4] The festival is designed to offer a theatrical showing to independent films that would ordinarily lack the resources for one.[5]



Sideshow Collectibles offered a $50 gift card to anyone who purchased a Saturday or Sunday pass. CineMayhem 2013 was the world premiere for Eric England's Roadside.[6] Following its premiere, there was a Q&A session with England.[7]



As of November 2013, submissions for the 2014 festival are currently open. The deadline is December 31, 2013.[9]


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