Cinecittà World

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Cinecittà World
Logo CineCittà World.jpg
LocationRome, Italy
Coordinates41°42′33″N 12°26′48″E / 41.7090318888888°N 12.4467296000000°E / 41.7090318888888; 12.4467296000000Coordinates: 41°42′33″N 12°26′48″E / 41.7090318888888°N 12.4467296000000°E / 41.7090318888888; 12.4467296000000
OwnerCinecitta Parks
OpenedJuly 24, 2014 (2014-07-24)
Roller coasters3
Water rides1

Cinecittà World is an amusement park located in Rome, Italy. The park officially opened on 24 July 2014.[1] The park currently consists of 3 roller coasters and is expected to attract tourism to the area.[2]


Ride name Coaster type Manufacturer Year opened
Aktium Water Coaster Mack Rides 2014
Altair CCW-0204 Multi Inversion roller coaster Intamin 2014
Darkmare Family Roller Coaster Intamin 2014
Volarium Flying Theatre Simtec Systems May 2019


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