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Cinecom and
Native name
Cinecom Belgium BVBA
Industry Production of promotional and educational videos
Founded 2012
Founder Jordy Vandeput
Headquarters Zonhoven, Limburg, Belgium
Key people

Cinecom is a video production company founded in 2012 by Jordy Vandeput. Started as a local business producing commercials and corporate films, it took a new turn in 2014 by focusing on the international market with educational videos. As video content creators, Jordy and his team are active on the Youtube and Udemy platform.


What started out as a hobby, making online tutorials became part of the Cinecom business. Like most Youtubers, Jordy saw an exponential increase of subscribers and viewers without having a goal. But as the channel grew, so did the company and its revenue. These new incomes made it possible for Yannick Teunissen joining the team in 2016 as editor and cameraman for the Youtube series.

Upload Schedule[edit]

  • Tuesday: Tips and tricks about camera, lighting and sound techniques.
  • Friday: Video editing tutorials in Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects
  • Last Tuesday of the month: Live Q&A and news from the film industry
  • Occasionally sponsored videos or news updates are uploaded at random


In the beginning of Jordy's career, in 2012, he was an instructor at Envato Tuts+, which is an online e-learning website. Making over 24 courses about video editing and film making techniques, he quit to start his own project under the name in 2014. The website was first a gateway to sell the course Getting Started with Adobe Premiere Pro, which is hosted on e-learning platform Udemy. Later also came Learn color correction with Premiere Pro Lumetri, which is the bestseller under color correction courses.[edit]

Today Cinecom is an active organisation making courses on Udemy, weekly tutorials on Youtube and writing articles on the website and trading name

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