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Frequency Quarterly
First issue 1980
Based in United States
Language English

Cinefex /ˈsɪnɨfɛks/, launched in 1980, is a quarterly professional movie special effects magazine. It is among the first dedicated special effects magazines ever produced, at a time where computer generated imagery effects were not as common.

Cinefex is also among the very few magazines which do not advertise inside material on the cover, though an alternate edition with this feature is also in publication to conform to this guideline among magazine publishers. Cinefex is also one of the few magazines that produces a separate version for subscribers that does not have a bar code printed on the front cover, allowing the cover image to be viewed unobstructed.

Within its pages can be found lengthy and detailed articles about the special effects (both physical and CGI) of a certain upcoming movie, composed mainly of various interviews with the people involved and coupled with extensive behind-the-scenes photographs. Being a professional industry publication, Cinefex also comprises full-page advertisements for special effects houses, as well as acknowledgements and dedications, such as obituaries.

When launched in 1980, Don Shay ran the magazine himself. As the magazine gained readers, he was able to hire trusted friends and highly skilled writers to assist him in making this magazine a success. Don continues to be the publisher for Cinefex. In the relatively small staff, a few have made the greatest impact on the magazine. Jody Duncan is the editor and also writes many articles. Associate editor Joe Fordham also writes many articles, as does Don's wife Estelle Shay, Editorial Assistant. Gregg Shay is the Creative Director, Bill Lindsay is the Advertising Director, Caitlin Shannon is the Production Manager, and Michael C. Gross is the design consultant.

Cinefex reached its 25th anniversary in 2005, with issue number 100 being published in January of that year. This issue was full of grateful congratulations for Don and the staff from prominent companies and people in the industry. fxguide ran a podcast interviewing Shay, entitled Cinefex: 25 Years of Respect. Don Shay was honored with a Visual Effects Society (VES) award. He received the Board of Directors Award for "illuminating the field of visual effects through his role as publisher of Cinefex."

Cinefex iPad app[edit]

In 2011, Cinefex was made available for the iPad,[1] enabling users to purchase digital copies of back issues of the magazine.

Quotes about Cinefex[edit]

"The art of visual effects is to seamlessly combine what is real and what is created. Cinefex elegantly documents all the behind-the-scenes hard work that goes into making effects look effortless. For an intricate study of the science behind the 'magic,' there is no other source than Cinefex." - Stan Winston, Character Creator

"Cinefex conveys to film enthusiasts a passion for special effects once limited only to its technical artisans. Detailed visual coverage and revealing insights into the cutting edge of technology make Cinefex required reading for anyone interested in the new era of filmmaking." - George Lucas, Director/Filmmaker

"We are moving toward a time when the only limitation on a filmmaker is his or her imagination. But that will only be true if we stay abreast of the skills and technology the visual effects industry has to offer. Cinefex is the one true source. Read it to expand your vision." James Cameron, Director/Filmmaker


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