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CinemAsia Film Festival
Location Amsterdam , Netherlands
Language International


CinemAsia Film Festival (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) is a leading Asian film festival in Europe.[1]

CinemAsia Film Festival 2015 will take place between 1 – 6 April 2015 in Amsterdam (Kriterion) and during CinemAsia On Tour in Eindhoven (10 – 12 April, NATLAB Plaza Futura), The Hague (18 April, Filmhuis Den Haag) and Rotterdam (19 April, WORM).

On Wednesday, April 1, 2015, CinemAsia Film Festival will open with the Dutch première of THE LAST WOLF by renowned director Jean-Jacques Annaud (THE BEAR and SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET). The festival will close on Monday the 6th of April with CHASUKE’S JOURNEY by Japanese director Sabu.


CinemAsia’s objectives are equivocal: they serve a cultural cause by stimulating the presence of Asian cinema within the Dutch film supply, and they serve a societal cause by offering a creative platform to Dutch Asians and content creators. Being the only Pan-Asian festival in the Netherlands, CinemAsia also strives to connect various Asian communities through connections that transcend ethnic provenance. Having good relations with multiple Asian communities, CinemAsia aims to bring them together through its festival, in particular through its creative platform for Dutch and Asian filmmakers.

The festival especially values the presence of independent Asian films made outside of Asia. These so-called Asian diaspora films touch on the migration and scatteredness of Asians throughout the globe, and are of great societal value due to their ability to invoke a sense of recognition throughout the Asian public in The Netherlands. They also manage to uniquely capture Asia’s cultural diversity, and expose the various ways it can be perceived by different communities. By showing both the similarities and differences between the various Asian regions and cultures through the experiences and observations of Asian filmmakers, the festival hopes to properly reflect Asia’s societal and cultural diversity.


When the San Francisco-born, Hong Kong-raised director Doris Yeung moved to Amsterdam in 2002, she immediately started looking for ways to positively contribute to Asian culture in The Netherlands. Less than a year later, CinemAsia saw its inception, and in March 2004, the very first edition of the new, biannual film festival saw the light in Amsterdam’s Rialto film theater. Screening 29 films from 12 countries over the span of 5 days, and with an added focus on Asian diaspora and queer cinema, the first edition of the CinemAsia Film Festival was an instant success. The festival was immediately lauded for the way it managed to intimately introduce new audiences to the world of Asian cinema, positively reshaping the Dutch collective consciousness about the continent in the process. 2012 marked the year that the CinemAsia Film Festival went annual, having outgrown their biannual programming and locations like De Ketelhuis. As the festival’s size, popularity and frequency grew, so did its ability to offer talented new filmmakers a creative platform and provide Dutch audiences with the best Asian cinema has to offer. Today, CinemAsia is internationally renowned for its broad yet focused selection of Asian independent films, documentaries, shorts, arthouse films and commercial blockbusters. With a bigger location, and a new festival director and visual identity in tow for 2015, CinemAsia has further cemented itself as one of the key Asian film festivals in Europe.

CinemAsia Film Festival 2015 programming[edit]

CinemAsia’s Competition features films by newcomers and veterans alike, that have an authentic and powerful voice, challenge the conventions of the medium, and tackle relevant themes through unique and artistic visions. CinemAsia Official Selection contains exciting new feature films, documentaries and shorts that have been praised by critics and/or have proven to be extremely popular in their country of origin. Combined, these productions provide a broad and authentic overview of contemporary Asian cinema.

On Wednesday, April 1, 2015, CinemAsia Film Festival will open with the Dutch première of THE LAST WOLF by renowned director Jean-Jacques Annaud (THE BEAR and SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET). The festival will close on Monday the 6th of April with CHASUKE’S JOURNEY by Japanese director Sabu. This film was part of Berlinale’s competition section and will screen in the Netherlands for the very first time during CinemAsia 2015. After the festival, a selection of its program will be featured in Eindhoven, The Hague and Rotterdam during CinemAsia On Tour.

CinemAsia Competition lineup[edit]

Big Father, Small Father & Other Stories (Vietnam, France, Netherlands) – Phan Dang Di

Chasuke’s Journey (Japan, France) – Sabu

End of Winter (South Korea) – Kim Daehwan

Jalanan (Indonesia) – Daniel Ziv

Pale Moon (Japan) – Daichi Yoshida

Red Amnesia (China) – Wang Xiaoshuai

The Coffin In the Mountain (China) – Xin Yukun

The Taking of Tiger Mountain (China/Hong Kong) – Tsui Hark

CinemAsia’s Official Selection lineup[edit]

Feature films and documentaries

A Hard Day (South Korea) – Kim Seonghun

Dearest (China/ Hong Kong) – Peter Chan

Dot to Dot (Hong Kong) – Amos Why

Endless Nights in Aurora (Taiwan) – Lee Szu-Yuan

Garuda Power (Indonesia, France) – Bastian Meiresonne

How to win at Checkers (every time) (Thailand, USA, Indonesia) – Josh Kim

Kara Orchestra (Taiwan) – Wu Misen

Paradise in Service (Taiwan) – Doze Niu Chen-zer

Tabula Rasa (Indonesia) – Adriyanto Dewo

The Last Executioner (Thailand) – Tom Waller

The Last Wolf (China/France) – Jean Jacques Annaud

The Sun, The Moon and The Hurricane (Indonesia) – Andri Cung

Shift (Philippines) – Siege Ledesma

Tigers (India, France) – Danis Tanovic

Unlucky Plaza (Singapore) – Ken Kwek

When Marnie was there (Japan) – Hiromasa Yonebayashi


Fan Fan (Taiwan) – Chia-Hsin Liu

Horn Please (India) – Shantanu Suman

Hosanna (South Korea) – Na Youngkil

Maryam (Indonesia) – Sidi Saleh

Perjalanan (Netherlands) – Josscy Vallazza Aartsen

YuYu (China) – Marc Johnson

CinemAsia Awards[edit]

Jury Award[edit]

The Jury award is given to a film that showcases a strong filmmaking vision, shifts cinematic boundaries and/or presents subjects with groundbreaking effects. In 2015, the CinemAsia Film Festival Jury is formed by producer Oh Jung-wan along with prominent Dutch film director, Jean van de Velde and film critic Berend Jan Bockting. The jury will award the best film in the competition program with the CinemAsia Jury Award 2015.

Audience Award[edit]

During the festival, the audience will be given the chance to rate the films they have watched. The Audience Award will be given to the film with the highest rating.

CinemAsia Achievement Award 2015[edit]

The CinemAsia Achievement Award is given to an individual who has made an important contribution to Asian cinema. The award is a recognition of their entire work as well as the challenges encountered in crafting their talents. The CinemAsia Achievement Award 2015 is given to South Korean producer Oh Jung-wan.

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