Cinema 16: American Short Films

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Cinema 16: American Short Films
Directed byVarious
Produced byLuke Morris
Ben Lederman (co-producer)
Distributed byMomac Films/
Warp Films
Running time
209 minutes
CountryUnited States

Cinema16: American Short Films is a DVD featuring American short films from directors such as Tim Burton, Alexander Payne, Maya Deren and George Lucas, as well as less well known names. It is the fourth in a series of DVDs released by Cinema16.[1]


The short films included are The Lunch Date, Five Feet High and Rising, Freiheit, Daybreak Express, Vincent, Terminal Bar, Terry Tate: Office Linebacker, Necrology, The Discipline of D. E., The Wraith of Cobble Hill, George Lucas in Love, Meshes of the Afternoon, Carmen, Feelings, Paperboys, and Screen Test: Helmut.[2]


A Pixel Surgeon review says, "this an important collection, and an essential must-have item for any film lover. You really have no right to call yourself a cineaste if this DVD isn't gracing your shelves."[3]

An Eye for Film review says, "The standard of work is very high and this collection is a must for film buffs everywhere."[4]

A Digitally Obsessed review says, "A necessarily varied lot, and a good overview of American filmmaking on a small scale. The commentary tracks are particularly astute, as well."[5]


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