Cinema 16: European Short Films

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Cinema 16: European Short Films
Directed byVarious
Produced byLuke Morris
Distributed byMomac Films/
Warp Films

Cinema16: European Short Films is a DVD featuring European short films. There are two different versions available, one for the UK and European market and a later one for the US market. They are, respectively, the second and fourth in a series of DVDs released by Cinema16.[1]

Contents of UK edition[edit]

The UK/European edition contains:

Contents of US edition[edit]

The US edition contains short films previously available on the British Short Films and UK/European European Short Films DVDs, plus one that would later appear on the World Short Films DVD. There are also four shorts not on any other Cinema16 release. Those four are Fierrot Le Pou, Rabbit, Before Dawn and Six Shooter.

The other included films are Wasp, Doodlebug, World of Glory, Je T'Aime John Wayne, Gasman, Jabberwocky, Copy Shop, Boy and Bicycle, Nocturne, Election Night, L'Homme Sans Tete (The Man Without a Head), and The Opening Day of Close-Up.


A DVD File review of the US edition says, "This is an eclectic and engaging collection of short films that might make a hell of an addition to your rental queue."[2]

A DVD Verdict Review, also of the US edition, says, "Except for a tricky menu, any problems with Cinema 16: European Short Films are those inherent in any collection of modern shorts. If you're interested in short films, it's a good place to start."[3]


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