Cinematographer Style

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Cinematographer Style
Directed byJon Fauer
Produced byJon Fauer
Screenplay byVolker Bahnemann
Jon Fauer
Story byJon Fauer
Volker Bahnemann
Music byFlorian Schlagbauer
Thomas Schlagbauer
Christian Bischoff
CinematographyJeff Laszlo; Brian Heller; Jon Fauer, ASC
Edited byMatthew R. Blute
T-Stop Productions
Distributed byNew Video
Running time
86 minutes
CountryUnited States

Cinematographer Style is a 2006 documentary by Jon Fauer, ASC, about the art of cinematography. In the film, he interviews 110 leading cinematographers from around the world, asking them about their influences and the origins of the style of their films. This is the first major English-language documentary on cinematography since Visions of Light (1993).

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