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Cinereach logo actual size.png
Formation 2006
Type Non-profit
Legal status Foundation
Purpose Film funding
Headquarters New York, NY
Founder & Executive Director
Philipp Engelhorn
Creative Director
Michael Raisler

Cinereach offers adaptive financial and creative support that frees the filmmaking process from systemic barriers and commercial pressures to make way for innovative work. They seek projects and collaborators that can offer audiences new experiences and understanding, stimulate the imagination, and grapple meaningfully with the complexities of our time.

Cinereach has supported close to 200 films globally, including Citizenfour, Point and Shoot, Cutie and the Boxer, It Felt Like Love, and Pariah. Recent Cinereach productions include Teenage, The Cold Lands and Beasts of the Southern Wild, which was nominated for four Academy Awards including Best Picture.


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