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Cinestill Film
ProductsPhotographic film
A 135 film cartridge of Cinestill 800Tungsten Xpro C-41

Cinestill Film creates photographic film for still cameras in 135 and 120 film formats from modified Kodak motion picture cinema film stock.

Color negative films[edit]

For their color negative films, Cinestill Film modifies Kodak motion picture cinema film, allowing it to be developed with the C-41 process rather than the Eastman Color Negative process. Cinestill Film converts the Kodak motion picture cinema film by removing the Remjet backing, a separate Anti-halation backing used to protect the film in motion picture cameras. Due to the removal of this anti-halation backing, Cinestill Film exhibits a glowing effect on the image in areas with strong highlights.[1][2]

Cinestill Film's 800Tungsten Xpro C-41 (short: 800T) is based on Kodak's Vision 3 5219 motion picture cinema film. Beta testing of 800T began in late 2012. Although the Vision 3 5219 film is normally rated for 500 ISO, the conversion to C-41 processing allows the film to be rated at 800 ISO.[3] 800T originally was only available in 135 format, until a 120 format version was released in April 2017.[2]

In a similar manner, Cinestill Film also produces 50Daylight Xpro C-41 (short: 50D) from Kodak's Vision3 50D 7203 motion picture cinema film.[1] Originally available only in 135 format, 120 film followed in late 2017.[4]

Black and white negative film[edit]

CineStill's bwXX Double-X is Eastman double-x film stock 5222 produced by Eastman Kodak,[5] spooled onto 135 film cartridges by Cinestill and only sold in limited quantities.[6]

Film Chemistry[edit]

CineStill offers various film chemistry processes, including color negative, color transparency, B&W negative, and motion picture. Many of these processes can be purchased as a powder or liquid concentrate.


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