Cinnamomum subavenium

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Cinnamomum subavenium
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Magnoliids
Order: Laurales
Family: Lauraceae
Genus: Cinnamomum
Species: C. subavenium
Binomial name
Cinnamomum subavenium

Cinnamomum subavenium is an evergreen tree from South and East Asia that can become 20 m (66 ft) tall.[1]

Leaves of Cinnamomum subavenium are an important spice.[1] It is also a Chinese herb that has been suggested for use as a skin whitening agent. The plant contains substances which inhibit production of tyrosinase an enzyme which catalyzes the production of melanin. The herb has not been established as either effective or safe but is being researched by Hui-Min Wang and his colleagues at Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan where experiments shown that it was effective at causing zebrafish to lose their stripes.[2]


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