Cinnamon tea

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Cinnamon tea
Glass of cinnamon tea.jpg
TypeHerbal tea

Other names
  • Gyepi-cha
  • té con canela

Quick descriptionTea made from cinnamon bark

Korean name
Revised Romanizationgyepi-cha

Cinnamon tea is an herbal tea made by infusing cinnamon bark in water.[1]

Regional variations[edit]


In Chile, té con canela ("tea with cinnamon") is made by placing a cinnamon stick into the teapot when steeping black tea.[2]


Cassia cinnamon barks used to make gyepi-cha

Gyepi-cha (계피차; 桂皮茶; "cinnamon tea") is a traditional Korean tea made from cassia cinnamon barks.[3] Thicker sticks of cinnamon with purplish-red cross-section and strong fragrance are used.[3] Dried cinnamon sticks are simmered either whole or sliced with a small amount of ginger.[1] When served, the tea is strained and optionally sweetened with sugar or honey, and then is usually garnished with minced jujubes.[1][3]


In Lebanon, shaayi bil qirfah wa’l yansoon’ ("anise and cinnamon tea") is made by boiling aniseed and cinnamon (powdered or sticks) in water.[4] Optionally, black tea may be added.[4] The tea is strained and served with or without added sugar.[4]

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