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Cinnamoroll English Vol. 1.jpg
Cover of the first English volume of Fuwafuwa Cinnamon released by Viz Media.
GenreSlice of Life, Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure
Fluffy, Fluffy Cinnamoroll
Written byYumi Tsukirino
Chisato Seki
Illustrated byYumi Tsukirino
Published byShogakukan
English publisher
Original runAugust 2005March 2008
Anime film
Cinnamon the Movie
Directed byGisaburō Sugii
Written byMari Okada
StudioMadhouse Studios
ReleasedDecember 22, 2007
Runtime44 minutes
Original net animation
Cinnamon no Parade
Directed bymasatakaP
ReleasedJune 21, 2012
Cinnamoroll: Cinnamon's Wonderland Trip
Written byUtako Yoshino
Illustrated byYuki Kiriga
Published byKadokawa Shoten
ImprintTsubasa Bunko
PublishedSeptember 12, 2014
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Cinnamoroll (Japanese: シナモロール, Hepburn: Shinamorōru) is a character series created by Sanrio in 2001, with character designs from Miyuki Okumura. The main character, Cinnamon, is a white dog with long ears, blue eyes, pink cheeks, and a plump and curly tail that resembles a cinnamon roll. He starred in his own manga series, an anime movie and various animation shorts. The proud owner of Cinnamoroll is none other than our very own Bellbell.

In its initial run, the series expanded into two official side series: Cinnamoangels (シナモエンジェルス, Shinamoenjerusu) in 2005, which focuses on Azuki, Mocha and Chiffon and Lloromannic (ルロロマニック, Ruroromanikku) in 2007, which focuses on both Berry and Cherry.


One day, while the owner of Café Cinnamon was admiring the sky, a tiny white puppy came floating by, looking just like a small, fluffy cloud. She thought, "Maybe he caught a whiff of the cinnamon rolls and came to check them out." The owner of the café was correct. The curious little puppy took a shine to the café owner and her delicious cinnamon rolls, so he decided to stay. Since his tail was plump and curled up like a cinnamon roll, she decided to call him Cinnamon. Cinnamon became instantly popular with customers and soon became Café Cinnamon's official mascot. Now, when he is not napping on the café terrace, Cinnamon flies around the town looking for fun and new adventures with his friends Chiffon, Mocha, Espresso, Cappuccino, and Little Milk.[1]


Cinnamon (シナモン, Shinamon)
Voiced by: Taeko Kawata
Cinnamon (born March 6) is a male white and chubby puppy with long ears that enables him to fly. He has blue eyes, pink cheeks and a plump and curly tail that resembles a cinnamon roll.[1] The owner of Cafe Cinnamon, a little cafe, looked up and saw a white puppy floating out of the sky like a fluffy cloud. The owner thought that he came because he smelled her cinnamon rolls. The puppy has a curly tail just like a cinnamon roll, so she called him Cinnamon. Cinnamon became instantly popular with customers and soon became Café Cinnamon's official mascot. Now, when he is not napping on the café terrace, Cinnamon flies around the town looking for fun and new adventures with his friends.
Cappuccino (カプチーノ, Kapuchīno)
Voiced by: Rei Sakuma
Cappuccino (born June 27) is a male puppy living in the house with the red roof across the street from Cafe Cinnamon. He likes to go at his own pace, eat a lot, and take lots of naps. Cappuccino is easy to recognize by his mouth, which is just like a cup of cappuccino and likes eating, but his favorite thing of all is napping. He is the glutton of the bunch and very chubby. He's also loves bug catching which is his favorite activity.
Chiffon (シフォン, Shifon)
Voiced by: Ikue Ōtani
Chiffon (born January 14) is a female puppy living right by a lush, green park and is the most energetic of the pups. Chiffon inspires her friends and doesn't sweat the small stuff. Her ears, which are fluffy like a chiffon cake, are her standout feature. She is also a Tomboy and she loves to play tennis. She has a sensitive side when it comes to animals. She loves sports and dreams of winning a gold medal at the Olympics one day. Cinnamon has a crush on her and is also an animal lover. Alongside Mocha and Azuki, they make up the three-girl idol group Cinnamonangels. Chiffon's ear and tail color are usually brown, though sometimes it's coloured orange as seen in the manga and very rarely pink.
Espresso (エスプレッソ, Esupuresso)
Voiced by: Ryoko Shiraishi
Espresso (born December 4) is a male puppy living near the park in the biggest house around. Espresso is very intelligent and well-bred, but he gets lonely and whines sometimes. He's known for his distinguished Mozart hairstyle. His owner is a famous actress, and his dad is a well-known movie director. Espresso is especially good at drawing, painting and music. But he can’t sleep without his favorite blanket which makes him whine and cry like a sad puppy so very much. In the Manga, He wears a red or green Beret and red or green Kerchief.
Mocha (モカ, Moka)
Voiced by: Yumi Kakazu
Mocha (born February 20) is a female puppy living in a white house on top of a hill. She's a stylish chatterbox and also the "big sister" of the bunch, always looking out for others. Mocha is known for her silky chocolate-brown fur and her pink bows with flowers. She has a crush on Cinnamon and loves fashion and getting dressed up but doesn’t like bell peppers or bugs. She is the girly girl of the group. In the Manga, Mocha's fur color is light brown and she is seen wearing different hair accessories besides her pink flowers. Alongside Chiffon and Azuki, they make up the three-girl idol group Cinnamoangels.
Milk (みるく, Miruku)
Voiced by: Ikue Ōtani
Milk (born February 4) is a baby male pup living close to the park in a house with a chimney. The smallest and youngest of the pups, he likes being cuddled and will whine and cry if he doesn't have his favorite pacifier. Milk can be recognized by his blue Pacifier and the single curl of baby hair on top of his head. He can get spoiled sometimes. He wants to be just like Cinnamon when he grows up. His pacifier is his most prized possession, and he’s skilled at gulping down large quantities of milk. Milk can't talk so the only words he can say are "Ba-Boo".
Cornet (コルネ, Korune)
Cornet is a unicorn kid who lives in the sky above the clouds. He has a light blue coat, a pink mane and tail and his horn is shaped like an ice cream cone.
Coco (ココ, Koko)
Coco (born July 25) is baby male pup who wears a red scarf around his neck. He along with his twin brother Nuts were rescued by Cinnamon when a white stork got shocked by lightning during a thunderstorm, causing the bag to fall from its beak. Cinnamon, quickly flew down to catch the bag that the stork was carrying. By the time Cinnamon landed on the ground. He opened the bag to reveal that two newborn puppies were inside. Cinnamon then carried Coco and Nuts to Cafe Cinnamon to give them a new home. Coco's fur color is light brown and has a white spot on his mouth like his big brother Cappuccino and his twin brother Nuts. Coco and his brother Nuts both have different style ears. Coco and Nuts both appear in the 5th volume of the manga, where Cinnamon babysits the two while Cappuccino is away.
Nuts (ナッツ, Nattsu)
Nuts (born July 25) is a baby male pup who wears a blue scarf around his neck. He is a more curious then his brother Coco and is often seen sleeping. Nut's Fur color is the same as Coco's fur color. Nuts along with his twin brother Coco appear in the 5th volume of the manga, where Cinnamon babysits the two while Cappuccino is away.
Poron (ポロン, Poron)
Poron is a female light pink puppy who wears a puffy light blue bow on her head, and owns a time compass which helps her on her journey with Cinnamon. She is the third female friend of Cinnamon. She is a time traveler and one given day, she dropped out of the sky on Cinnamoroll's fluffy head. They became friends and go on adventures with Cornet. She was first introduced on Cinnamoroll's Japanese Twitter account, in April 2014. Her body is fluffy like clouds and her tail also resembles an angel wing. She also makes occasional appearances on the official Cinnamoroll Twitter account.
Azuki (アズキ, Azuki)
Voiced by: Masako Okōchi
Azuki (born September 25) is a female puppy who dreams to become an idol. She is ladylike, but sometimes a little bit off in terms of personality. She is in charge of the Cinnamoangels' manners, fortune-telling and also practices calligraphy and flower arrangement in hopes of becoming a true Japanese lady.
Berry (べリー, Berī)
Voiced by: Kōki Miyata (Onegai♪My Melody Kirara★)
Berry (born June 6) is the male demon with ram horns and black bat wings, who has the ability to transform into a more devilish form; his ram horns turn into devil's horns, gold eyes, grows sharp fangs, changes colors from medium-grey to dark-black, skeleton wings, sharp talon-like claws, and his voice changes. He seems to have the talent of making potions. Both Berry & Cherry would go through their magic mirror to enter into the human world to play tricks on children while they sleep. The duo fear daytime and would hide in the closet or drawers, if they don't make it home in time until night returns. They are friends with a bat, a magical lantern and a jack o' lantern. Berry serves as a narrator in the anime Onegai♪My Melody Kirara★, alongside Cherry.
Cherry (チェリー, Cherī)
Voiced by: Fujiko Takimoto (Onegai♪My Melody Kirara★)
Cherry (born September 9) is a female demon and Berry's partner-in-crime; who was created when Berry accidentally used a jar of salt that had its label covered by another, written as "sugar". When Cherry transforms into her devilish form, her light-black closed bat wing ears change into dark-black opened bat wings, her black eyes into fandango eyes, her top hat disappears, her teeth into fangs, and her voice changes. Cherry loves to play jokes on Berry. Cherry also has a crush on Espresso. Both Berry & Cherry would go through their magic mirror to enter into the human world to play tricks on children while they sleep. The duo fear daytime and would hide in the closet or drawers, if they don't make it home in time until night returns. They are friends with a bat, a magical lantern and a jack o' lantern. Cherry serves as a narrator in the anime Onegai♪My Melody Kirara★, alongside Berry.
Anna (アンナ, Anna)
Voiced by: Satomi Ishihara
A human female that owns Cafe Cinnamon. Before 2005, she was mostly unseen and only mentioned in Cinnamon's character biography. Her first illustrated appearance was in the manga series "Fluffy Fluffy Cinnamoroll" where she was illustrated by Yumi Tsukirino where she plays a minor role. She eventually got a redesign in the later volumes where she was given eyes. The Cafe owner was later named "Anna" in the 2007 film "Cinnamon The Movie". In the film she was given a third redesign where she wears a pink and red dress and depicted with light red hair. In the film, she first meets Cinnamon while riding on her bike back to the Cafe Cinnamon (Named Cafe Terrace) where Cinnamon falls into her cart. She later gets kidnapped by Chowder's custard monster and plans on marrying her. In Sanrio's official character illustrations by Miyuki Okumura. She is usually seen from the legs up.
Chowder (チャウダー, Chaudā)
Voiced by: Tomonori Jinnai
Chowder is a character exclusive to "Cinnamon The Movie" and the main antagonist of the movie. Chowder's a wizard creature that lives in a forest close to the Cafe. He first discovers Cinnamon from his crystal ball while watching Cinnamon meeting Anna and heading straight to the cafe. He decides to quickly follow Anna's bike straight to the Cafe secretly. He decides to cast a spell that summons a monster made of custard with his magic spell causing Cinnamon and his friends to get separated from the cafe owner leaving Chowder with Cinnamon and friends. Mocha along with Chiffon, and Espresso are constantly upset and untrustworthy with Chowder throughout the film. Eventually Chowder regrets his decision and later apologizes to Cinnamon and his friends and the Cafe owner for the chaos he created at the end of the film. Anna along with Cinnamon and friends later throw a party at the Cafe after Chowder has a change of heart.


When he was first created by Sanrio in 2001, he was called Baby Cinnamon. A year later he was "renamed" Cinnamoroll, to remedy any problems with the registration of the mark overseas, however he is now called in both ways, but also more simply Cinnamon. As of 2007, Cinnamoroll's original name "Baby Cinnamon" is no longer being used by Sanrio and is officially called "Cinnamoroll". In Japan, he is still named "Cinnamoroll" but he is mostly called "Cinnamon".


Anime and Video[edit]

A movie based on the character titled Cinnamon The Movie (シナモン The Movie, Shinamon THE MOVIE) was produced by Madhouse Studios and was released in Japan on December 22, 2007. The movie is directed by Gisaburō Sugii (Night on the Galactic Railroad) and written by Mari Okada (Toradora!, Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans). Tohoshinki performed the movie's ending song titled "Together".

Other Cinnamoroll videos include "Zēnbu! Cinnamon", "Cinnamon no Himitsu no Tobira", "ABCinnamon Eigo de Asobo!" and titles in the Sanrio Pokoapoko series.

Other appearances[edit]

In the 2007, stop-motion series "Hello Kitty Stump Village". Cinnamoroll is one of the main characters next to Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pom Pom Purin, and Badtz-Maru. In the 2008, animated CGI TV series The Adventures of Hello Kitty & Friends Cinnamoroll is a minor character, and debuts in an episode called "Cinnamoroll Cafe" where he is building his own cafe. But, is too shy to ask for help.

Cinnamoroll is also the host of the boat ride attraction called "Sanrio Character Boat Ride" at Sanrio Puroland and Harmonyland where he invites guests to attend Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel's wedding.

Video games[edit]

Cinnamoroll quickly became the star of video games. There are four video games that features him and his friends. The earliest video games were "Cinnamoroll Koko ni Iruyo" which was released in Japan in 2003, and "Cinnamoroll FuwaFuwa Daibouken" which was released in Japan in 2005 which were only for the Game Boy Advance. Nintendo also made two Nintendo DS games called "Cinnamoroll: Ohanashi shiyo! - Kira Kira DE Kore Cafe" made in 2006, and a Pin Ball game called "Cinnamoroll: Kurukuru Sweets Paradise" made in 2007. He also made appearances in Hello Kitty games like Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams, Hello Kitty Birthday Adventures for the DS and Hello Kitty Seasons on the Wii. Cinnamoroll's friends also appear in certain areas in Hello Kitty Seasons. Cinnamoroll also appears in Sanrio's first and only Massively multiplayer online role-playing game called Hello Kitty Online as a NPC in certain special quests. The Cinnamoangels also made cameo appearances in Hello Kitty Online as statues in London along. While Cinnamoroll's friend Mocha and Chiffon and can be seen as one of the emoticons in a Cinnamoroll themed guild. Cinnamoroll also shows up in "Hello Kitty World" for the Android and iPhone as one of the characters you unlock once you add a new attraction when you reach a certain level. Cinnamoroll is also one of the racers in "Hello Kitty Kruisers" which is available for the Android,iPhone,Wii U, and Nintendo Switch.


A five volume manga of the series, titled Fluffy, Fluffy Cinnamoroll (ふわふわ♥シナモン, Fuwafuwa ♥ shinamon) was written by Chisato Seki and illustrated by Yumi Tsukirino. It was published in Japan from 2005 to 2008 by Shogakukan, serialized in the monthly magazine Pucchigumi. In 2008, three special volumes of the manga came out in Japan called "Fluffy, Fluffy Cinnamoroll Color Edition" (カラー版 ふわふわ♥シナモン Karāban Fuwafuwa Shinamon) which had all the pages for each manga in color and has brand new stories. Also in 2005, A spin-off manga series that focused on The Cinnamoangels was made from 2005 - 2008 called "Puri Kawa Shinamonenjerusu!!" (プリ☆かわ☆シナモンエンジェルス!!) which focuses on Mocha,Chiffon,and Azuki doing various activities and trying to attract boys. Viz Media started translating the manga in 2011 and was released to English speaking countries in 2012.[2]

Novels and Books[edit]

A novel adaptation titled Cinnamoroll: Cinnamon's Wonderland Trip (シナモロール シナモンのふしぎ旅行, Shinamorōru shinamon no fushigi ryokō) was released by Kadokawa Shoten under the Tsubasa Bunko label on September 12, 2014 which stars Cinnamoroll and Poron going through various adventures along with doing time traveling.

Cinnamoroll has a series of three travel picture books called "Cinnamon Travel Ehon" (シナモントラベルえほん). Another Japanese Cinnamoroll book is "Cinnamon ga Ippai!, labelled as an "official fan book"."


Characters of the series had also appeared in various Sanrio Puroland and HarmonyLand live shows, parades, and events. Following their debut in 2007 with their first musical Cinnamon's Door of Secrets (シナモンなしひみつの扉, Shinamon nashi himitsu no tobira).


Cinnamon was featured in a music video with the Japanese rock girl band Scandal.[3] In June 2012, Sanrio teamed up with MasatakaP to create an animated video coinciding the character's 10th Anniversary using the MikuMikuDance software. The video is handled by MastakaP for the animation while Intetsu, the Bassist of the band Ayabie handles the music.[4] A downloadable version of Cinnamon for use with MikuMikuDance software is available by Sanrio until August 31, 2012. In October 2012, OSTER project announced an album called "Cinnamon Trip!!", which was released in Japan on December 12, 2012. There are 9 songs in the album, each sung by Cinnamoroll and his friends including the Cinnamoangels and Lloromannic. Each song has its own theme, such as Mocha's song "Petit Paris" which takes place in Paris,France and "Hawaiian Angels" which takes place in Hawaii and is sung by the Cinnamoangels.


Cinnamoroll is the second most popular Sanrio character franchise next to Hello Kitty, somehow not what Sanrio had expected in such a short time. The popularity of Cinnamoroll and minor characters kicked off in 2005 to a "spinoff" called The Cinnamoangels which features Cinnamoroll's friend Mocha, Chiffon and Azuki. In 2011, Cinnamoroll got his own blog on the Japanese blogging and social networking website Ameba.[5] In 2012, Cinnamoroll celebrated his 10th anniversary. To celebrate Cinnamoroll's 10th Anniversary Tokyo's Haneda Airport had a Cinnamoroll showcase showing fan taken photos and some original Cinnamoroll pictures.[6] There is also a Cinnamoroll statue that can be seen outside Bandai Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

However, Cinnamoroll's official Twitter account suffered from an incident of cyberbullying in 2015. A group of Twitter users started responding to the account's tweets with offensive comments regarding the character in March 2015, and the disruption worsened in May. On May 11, a tweet from the official Twitter saying: "Chiffon: “Morning! Cinnamon doesn’t want to come all the way out this morning, so I’ve come out instead. I will protect Cinnamon, so I hope all his friends will look after him too.”" was posted, referring to the continuous bullying due to haters.[7][8] Sanrio were also disappointed regarding the incident, and started to block the culprits.[9]


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