Cinq études de bruits

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Cinq études de bruits (Five Studies of Noises) is a collection of musical compositions by Pierre Schaeffer. The five études were composed in 1948 and are the earliest pieces of musique concrète, a form of electroacoustic music that utilises recorded sounds as a compositional resource.

The five études were composed at the studio Schaeffer established at RTF (now ORTF), Studio d'Essai. They are:

  1. Étude aux chemins de fer - trains
  2. Étude aux tourniquets - toy tops and percussion instruments
  3. Étude violette - piano sounds recorded for Schaeffer by Boulez
  4. Étude noire - piano sounds recorded for Schaeffer by Boulez
  5. Étude pathétique - sauce pans, canal boats, singing, speech, harmonica, piano

The works were premiered via a broadcast on 5 October 1948, titled Concert de bruits.


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