Five Ashore in Singapore

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Five Ashore in Singapore
Belgian film poster
Directed by Bernard Toublanc-Michel
Produced by Pierre Kalfon
Written by Sergio Amidei
Bernard Toublanc-Michel
Pierre Kalfon
Based on Cinq gars pour Singapour by Jean Bruce
Starring Sean Flynn
Cinematography Jean Charvein
Release date
3 March 1967
Running time
95 minutes
Country France
Language English

Five Ashore in Singapore AKA Singapore, Singapore and Cinq gars pour Singapour is a 1967 French/Italian international co-production film based on the 1959 novel by Jean Bruce. Filmed on location in Singapore in 1966, it was the last film of Sean Flynn.


Five US Marines in Singapore investigating the disappearance of other Marines on shore leave in the city discover that a mad scientist is responsible.


  • Sean Flynn ... Captain Art Smith
  • Marika Green ... Monika Latzko
  • Terry Downes ... Sgt. Gruber
  • Marc Michel ... Captain Kevin Gray
  • Dennis Berry ... Lt. Dan
  • Bernard Meusnier ... Lt. Ángel McIlhemy
  • Peter Gayford ... Mr. Brown
  • Andrea Aureli ... Ta-Chouen
  • Jessy Greek ... Ten-Sin
  • Trudy Connor ... Tchin-Saw
  • William Brix ... Cpt. Kafir
  • Foun-Sen ... Hsi-Houa
  • Ismail Boss ... Gang Member


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