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A bowl of ciorbă
CourseEntrée, Main course
Place of originRomania
Main ingredientsWater, vegetables, borș, spices
VariationsMade with meat, fish, or liver

Ciorbă (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈt͡ʃʲorbə]), from Persian shorba (شوربا) via Turkish çorba is a general Romanian word used in Romania and the Republic of Moldova to describe sour soups consisting of various vegetables and meat. Most people differentiate between "supă" (soup) and "ciorbă" by the fact that supă has no added acid and is usually clear (with only one exception), while ciorbă may contain a wide variety of sour ingredients, usually lemons, borș, or zeamă de varză acră (sauerkraut juice). In Moldavia region, the word borș means simply any sour soup.[1] Lovage is a frequent addition.

Ciorbă is a widespread and popular dish in Romania, and is occasionally considered to have beneficual health effects.[2] When served hot it is thought to stimulate digestion and be effective against colds.[3]

In 2013 18 percent of respondents in a national poll in Romania declared ciorbă their favourite dish.[4]

Beef ciorbă served with sour cream and chili

Types of ciorbă include:

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